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  1. jjjimi84

    DEMO Woodpecker Tremolo

    Here is my little demo of the Woodpecker Tremolo, a super easy build that sounds really great. Oh lets look at them gutz!
  2. jjjimi84 Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    Here is a little gem from a fine fella, a real fell sweller. It is the Space Harp V3 and it is a kick ass pedal and a mighty tasty build. In this video I talk briefly about my love of all of you crazy bastards and I hope you all know what it means to me to have you guys watch these...
  3. jjjimi84

    DeadendFX Meaty Balls

    Here is my next pedal up for auction, a dead stock build from the folks at DeadendFX. This this is super crazy and fun and there is so many sounds in it that you can kind of get lost in the knob turning. I edited this video down and could have shared all of it because there was some stuff that...
  4. jjjimi84

    BigNoise Turbo Fuzz: Sunburst Beauty

    Here is the ultimate noisemaker fuzz built on an incredible board from our very own Cooder! I believe Stephan is a truly next level builder and is one of the many people here I look up to. His layouts are incredible and it shows with a crowded board like this. When I got this thing built I new I...
  5. jjjimi84

    Kalle Fuzz Darkmantle Octave Poop Colors!

    Here is a new video segment to start really getting all of my builds and paintings out there to start thinning the herd. Papa needs a new pair of shoes! It is a clone of the Lovepedal Karl fuzz ( Kalle) with the Darkmantle. It took everything I had not to just...
  6. jjjimi84 Aurum Drive Pedals for Ukraine Auction

    Hello all! Here is my Aurum Drive and this is the first of my pedals to be auctioned off for the Pedals for Ukraine charity. Here is the instagram link to place you bid; And of course a little video for you all, my...
  7. jjjimi84 Black and Tan

    Enjoy that Blue Oyster Cult? Not as much as I do! Here is this weeks release and a nice little preview into what is coming for the channel, some nice gentle changes. I have a bunch of two in one pedals and phasers on the lineup. This is my Black and Tan and it is essentially...
  8. jjjimi84

    Organ Donor Build Report and Demo

    Here is this juicy little box of tomfoolery, complete with a squawking little bird. How obvious is it that I am reading the tabs of a few of these tunes? Cool little box with a ton of uses, I really have fun with it especially while using fuzz pedals.
  9. jjjimi84

    Dark Rift Delay

    Here is my Dark Rift Delay build it is one of the last ones I ever painted the full enclosure and labeled the back. Oh how I have grown as a floundering pedal builder, memories. At any rate it is air brushed blue and hand painted with the space helmet. I love this delay it is really inspiring...
  10. jjjimi84

    The Mesmerizer

    If you don't sing along to that opening we cannot be friends at all. This video was finished this morning and I was calling it the rush to copy right infringement. I had uploaded it two other times and the weird compression that happens blew out the bass and made the whole thing kind of...
  11. jjjimi84

    The Raincoat for all you perverts.

    This one has been a long time coming but kept getting pushed back, damn you BOTY..... I thought it is a great time to let everyone hear what a Raincoat sounds like especially with the new fuzz module coming along. In this video I play some Pink Floyd, talk about "the talk" and then compare it to...
  12. jjjimi84

    Celestial Drive

    You all are out here posting builds from 2022.... Well here I am throwing out a build from 2018, that is right took me four years to get around to demo this bitch. DMB Stellar Drive aka the Celestial Drive aka my faux Warren Haynes tone in a box. I absolutely love this little box and plan to...
  13. jjjimi84

    Spatialist Reverb with yuletide cheer

    Here is my half of the reverb space scene that was painted for @JamieJ and I. My side is the Spatialist Reverb and it is a beautiful sounding reverb. I hope you all enjoy this quick little video and have a extremely happy holidays.
  14. jjjimi84

    PCBGuitarmania Ultimate Pharaoh

    This is a take on a Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh but with a few mods. Instead of an input toggle we have a pot and there is a rotary with clipping options. This was built stock to v1.0 build docs and that is how this whole demo was shot. It has since been modded with a video detailing that...
  15. jjjimi84

    Captain Bit the swearing Robot

    Here is another pedal demo and build report for your face holes. This has a fun little back story, I was talking to Chris @thewintersoldier about X-Men Cartoon and how awesome that intro song was. We talked about learning it and I set him a video of me playing it through my headphone rig and...
  16. jjjimi84

    Tommy III, a Timmy for a Tim

    Here is a fully bullet proof, all in good fun approved build report. This is the Tommy III for Tim @fig. He mentioned on one of the threads that he didn't own one and I felt like that was a crime and as a way to pay back a man that has been far too generous to us bastards I thought he might dig...
  17. jjjimi84

    Pharmacist Pedal Demo and Build Report

    Oh man am I fired up about this one! I shot this video and during editing I scrapped it to start again and I am glad I did. This is such a great pedal and needed the time and the love. I built this in a mirrored finish small bear 1590bb with those giant ass knobs from lovemyswitches and hand...
  18. jjjimi84

    Spirit Box Build Report and Demo

    Here it is a zombie elephant painted on a blue box housing the awesome Spirit Box. This is a fun reverb that does all kinds of echoy reverby sounds. I use a medium Belton Brick 2 for this and I really dig it. Pretty easy build and a fun demo to shoot. The intro song is in open G, if anyone is...
  19. jjjimi84

    Chickenhead Boost

    I finally got around to doing a demo for this bad boy, love this boost! I found some pictures I took when I painted this sucker oh so long ago. Enjoy the pics enjoy the video and most certainly enjoy the balls on the chin of this chicken head.
  20. jjjimi84

    Fuzzy Fox

    Here is another entry into the wonderful world of octave fuzz! This one is a real burner and I highly recommend you all taking a crack at it. Made a little video putting it through its paces.