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  1. Nostradoomus

    Zapper gain mod

    Couldn’t tell you the math, this was awhile ago haha. I used 5817s. It just adds a bit of grit, nothing spectacular but I like it a lot.
  2. Nostradoomus

    Tantalum vs Electrolytic?

    I’m gonna hold back because this isn’t the place for socio-political/ethical discourse. :ROFLMAO:
  3. Nostradoomus

    Lower overall volume

    Without a schematic or really any basic idea of what kind of pedal it is it’s just a shot in the dark. If you’re using a logarithmic potentiometer try using an anti/reverse logarithmic (C) pot of the same value.
  4. Nostradoomus

    Dragons Breath Boost Trouble

    I’d check your values to start with, R2 looks like 820k where 8.2k should be.
  5. Nostradoomus

    Where are you guys buying your box capacitors?

    I get Kemets from Mouser, they’re usually pretty cheap if you buy 100.
  6. Nostradoomus

    LM/V13700 Sourcing/Adapters?

    Lee’s is my favourite shop, support them when you can! When I lived in Vancouver I was there all the time, now when I visit I make a point to go see em.
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    Carl Sagan is proud :’)
  8. Nostradoomus

    Expression jack for Parentheses octave

    Yeah as long as it’s a switching jack like that one you'll be fine. Making sure you have a 50k expression pedal is more of a problem haha.
  9. Nostradoomus

    Lurker wondering about FV-1s

    The brokerage threshold into Canada is 20 dollars. It’s ridiculous.
  10. Nostradoomus

    Lurker wondering about FV-1s

    If you offload em let me know, I’m in Victoria! :D
  11. Nostradoomus

    Electrovibe Mini LDR

    Jameco has em
  12. Nostradoomus

    toner transfer?

  13. Nostradoomus

    toner transfer?

    That’s just what I found worked best. You need to use a laser printer, ink doesn’t work. Honestly it’s a lot of trial and error, I would go to an office supply store and buy a few single sheets of different styles and just go nuts experimenting. Glossy picture paper is fine, glossy cardstock...
  14. Nostradoomus

    toner transfer?

    Before I got a laser it was my go to method. Sometimes I etched the negative image and sometimes I just put clear coat over the toner transfer. I had the best luck with thin (65gsm I believe) glossy cardstock paper. I also found one of those old school flat irons without any holes/steam features...
  15. Nostradoomus

    My electrovibe build

    Yay more laser using folk! I also have a Neje Master 2. If you use Lightburn there is a “Frame” button that will do an outline for you without burning to line up your etch…it’s pretty simple but your method obviously works!
  16. Nostradoomus

    SOLVED Promethium isn’t producing sound when engaged. New build, new mistakes

    Alright that’s most likely not the issue then haha
  17. Nostradoomus

    SOLVED Promethium isn’t producing sound when engaged. New build, new mistakes

    What did you put in Q1 and where did you get it? JFETs are jerks.
  18. Nostradoomus

    Laser Print Recommendations?

    I’m choked mine bit the dust. I tried some of that yellow eBay transfer paper on it and it bricked it. Was the impetus to buy a diode laser though so that’s fine haha.
  19. Nostradoomus

    LND150 // Differential Pair Distortion

    Forgot to put your pots on the bottom silk layer eh? :D
  20. Nostradoomus

    Laser Print Recommendations?

    All the issues I’ve seen regarding Brothers have to do with etching mask, not decals.