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  1. fxwiegand

    Moog Ladder Filter

    Had a little bit of time today and started working on a ladder filter for the terrarium. I am not really sure how it has to sound since i don't own one. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the controls (did a lot by trying around with different values). You can find...
  2. fxwiegand

    Terrarium Stand (Template repository for terrarium)

    Hey guys, i made a template repository for creating effects for the terrarium. This should make it super easy to create a new effect. Simply go to the terrarium stand repository on GitHub and click on "Use this template". Then build both daisy libs (more details in the, maybe change...
  3. fxwiegand

    Tearjerker Wah (Octopus's Garden)

    This one took quite a while to come together. I had the wrong jacks, potentiometer and i put the cables for the footswitch in the wrong order. The good side is that there was some time for some artwork while waiting for the right parts to come. Really thinking about building another one because...
  4. fxwiegand

    Mu-Tron III

    The bass player of my band really wants to have one. I'd also think it's pretty cool. I already found a pcb (including a schematic) here. I'd really like to have a pcb from PedalPCB considering the brilliant layouting. :)
  5. fxwiegand

    SOLVED Tearjerker Wah no signal

    I sadly get no signal from my Tearjerker Wah build. The LED also is slightly on in bypass which seems really weird and makes me worried about my wiring (see photo). I am getting dry signal in bypass mode so that works fine (except the LED). Btw the LED is just for testing I want to put another...
  6. fxwiegand

    Broken Whammy DT

    I just got a DigiTech Whammy that is not working. Just plugged it in and I am only getting the dry signal through, no LED turns on, none of the switches seem to do anything. I don't really have a place to start so if anyone has a good idea where to start I'd appreciate anything you've got. I...
  7. fxwiegand

    Tearjerker Wah Inductor

    Hello, I just got my handmade 500mH Inductor and I am not sure at all about how to solder it in. Maybe someone can help me out here. Since none of the holes really fit I will probably have to snip off/ bend some legs and maybe use hot glue to keep it in place, right? Also open for any other...
  8. fxwiegand

    Spirit Box only dry signal with some noise

    My spirit box build that I started a while ago doesn't seem to work properly. LED and Bypass work absolutely fine but when I turn the pedal on it only introduces some noice to the dry signal, its almost like its still in bypass. Also the PT2399 is getting insanely hot. I just reflowed all...
  9. fxwiegand

    VHS with foot switch for chorus

    Hello, sadly I didn't think of taking a picture when I still had it open so the only thing I've got is this one. Also there are lots of cables inside because I didn't connect the LED's directly to the board but used some wires instead. I also added an extra foot switch (wired in parallel to the...