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  1. mjh36

    My Spring Collection: The Masking Tape Series

    For now the tape will do. I was getting too confused which ones were Volume knobs when I was playing. So after building these I can lament a little on learning to design faceplates on Affintity Designer from ground zero to send Amplifyfun. Top: Promethium - Kliche Boost - Delegate Boneyard -...
  2. mjh36

    4.8mm LEDs from Tayda (pictures)

    Hey just wanted to share these LEDs I ordered from Tayda to try out. They have a cool glow, they are waterclear but only look like a little "spark" from all angles. Not at all blinding from the top. Pics are compared with normal 5mm waterclears all with 10k resistors. They fit in these well...
  3. mjh36

    Looking for a thread/pic here, but can't seem to find

    I thought I saw the other day in a thread, a mod to a pedal that I meant to bookmark/remember. One of ya'll did a modification to a pedal, there's a toggle switch on top, on the same face as the output jack. I think it was mix/blend or dry mod. I just can't quite remember. I'm building a...
  4. mjh36

    DIY Reactive Attenuator/Loadbox

    Built this from a thread by JohnH on the marshall forum. This one is built for 50 watts. On front is a line-out with volume and three -dB switches. On the back is the input and two 8 ohm and one 16 ohm outputs. It's -7dB when you plug into it, with switches for an extra -7dB, -14dB, and -3.5dB...
  5. mjh36

    Can MN3007/MN3101 be used in the Cepheid or Caesar Chorus?

    I have some MN3007s and MN3101s and there's CE-2 vero layouts I found I can use them in, but can they be used in place of the MN3207/MN3102 combo in the Cepheid or Caesar? They seem to have the same pinout and I know the MN3007 can run up to 15v, but I have no idea of their compatability in...
  6. mjh36

    Quality of Life Upgrades: Breadboards

    I got the clear one because it "looks cool". But you can't see anything while working. Go with the 1970's casserole dish aged white plastic over the clear for anyone getting started breadboarding.
  7. mjh36

    LED Schematic Question

    It's about how some schematics have a resistor before or after the LED. I don't understand the science of why that is. Why on one where the resistor is after the LED, it doesn't blow up? Example here is the Complex Overdrive and Danube Fuzz: Danube Complex
  8. mjh36

    $0.50 Tayda Alpha pots for guitar?

    Anyone ever used them as guitar volume/tone pots? I mean besides longevity/tolerance quality of others, doesn't seem that bad to use right?
  9. mjh36

    Foxrox Zimcards

    11 interchangeable, modifiable, plug and play circuits for one enclosure. He posts schematics on his website! Really cool, plus other pedals. Website: 7:55 he talks about it
  10. mjh36

    Lawrence Petross Designs '87 Deluxe ?

    Anyone heard of these? I never have, but this demo in Phil Mcknight's video today sounds great! I know it's another MIAB, but that's my jam. Single channel version:
  11. mjh36

    First Vero Build - Runoffgrove Tonemender

    Not a pedalpcb build, but I thought I would show my mistakes and fixes as a good lesson learned. Used spare parts to make this my first vero, and I made the cuts and links and all parts COMPLETELY mirror image of what it was supposed to be. Learned this after I finished the pedal and it didn't...
  12. mjh36

    Seahawks Overdrive (Greengage)

    Here's my first try at some artwork to add on a pedal. It's a Greengage. Used some tips from other posts here and used photoshop, then I found at FedEx/Kinkos they have full 8.5x11 inch transparent sticky paper sheets behind the counter for only $1.60 a page. Good quality. So I didn't have to...
  13. mjh36

    Thermionic Deluxe

    Oh man, 3rd build done and best one yet. I copied a color scheme I've seen here, but this hammered copper just works with the thermionic. Couldn't use all Marshall knobs, they just barely rub, so I had some spares, this will work for now. Some of these Tayda knobs have inconsistent quality, some...
  14. mjh36

    Greengage Overdrive

    Finally got it respectably put together. It's my second build, eventually I'll get a better case, as this did NOT turn out the easiest. The bottom of the switch lugs contact the pcb, tried electrical tape (which you can see on the left) but it still makes the gain knob not work. So the nuts for...
  15. mjh36

    SOLVED Help with my ugly Greengage build

    Hey this one I need help with. Greengage, my 2nd build. I didn't wanna paint or drill when I ordered the enclosure, so I ordered the closest one I could, then make the pots/switch fit with hookup wire to the holes. I now realize its easy to drill and not ruin the paint. I tried it outside and...
  16. mjh36

    Do you think Tayda 1590XX colors will be in stock also?

    I just got the alert that 1590xx is back in stock, 2000 units it looked like. Just the bare aluminum. Does anyone think they'll do the colors too? I really wanna order the Thermionic Deluxe, either 1590xx or 1590dd from somewhere, preferably painted, especially that copper hammer. But im ok with...
  17. mjh36

    Tryian Distortion EQ questions

    So my first build, Tyrian distortion, went great but i feel i may have missed the mark with the EQ controls. I have never played a Revv G3 to compare so maybe other Tyrian owners can chime in. Volume: works great Gain: works great Agression Switch: yup sounds good (Knob value 0-10) Bass: 0-3...
  18. mjh36

    Component Selection for "sound quality"??

    So I'm wondering if there are general rules for "sound quality" in components. I mean what's worth putting the money into for a pedal for best sound results. Resisitors? Capacitors? Pots? Etc... i recently did my first build with all Tayda components, and I made sure to get the more expensive...
  19. mjh36

    Tyrian Distortion my first build

    This is my very first build and it turned out great for me. A couple struggles but nothing major. First it didn't turn on, but I had simply forgot to insert the TL072 into the sockets because I was so excited to hook it up. Also, upon finishing, I realized I do not have a wall wart or even the...
  20. mjh36

    Probably wrong capacitor?

    I need 1uf capacitors for the Greengage pedal, looks like I ordered 1uf tantalums(?) and 1uf nichicon electrolytic. Both are polarized I think and probably can't use for C2 C8 and C9?