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    Ibanez CS9

    I don't think it's that different from the CE-2, but when I AB'd my vintage CS9 vs the vintage CE-2 I borrowed I was surprised to find that I liked the CS9 way better. I would love to be able to build an extra one so that I didn't have to take mine to gigs and such since it's the only pedal I...
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    Screen Printing Process for Pedals Breakdown

    Wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this on so I can move it if need be. Last build report I posted I had some suggestions to put together some sort of tutorial on how I screen print my pedals and since I'm working on some new builds thought I'd try to document my process a bit. I don't...
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    Sourcing LM308s?

    Anyone got line on some legit LM308s right now? Currently waiting for more parts for my parentheses mini so I thought I might as well try to get an actual LM308 in the meantime.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Hey all, finally trying to get my FV1 dev board running on MacOS and I've hit a small hurdle. I installed everything here: I have SpinCAD running in java which I loaded some .spcd files into. I saved the bank as a hex file, used...
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    Special Combo Pedal - Madbean Kompromat + PPCB Simulcast

    PICS: This is a special project I made for myself. Absolutely fell in love with the sound of the broadcast at lower gains for funk/RnB tones and then I needed another compressor since I sold my wampler ego mini. My idea was to approximate what Cory Wong uses to mix his guitar sounds. He did a...
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    Simulcast, Carbon Black, and some screen printing content

    Pics to start off: First up is a simulcast build, now the third broadcast iteration I've done. I really like the middle setting on the toggle as an always on pedal. This one isn't for me but I have another cool combo build in the works that will incorporate another simulcast board. Second is...
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    Carbon black trim biasing

    Apologies in advance if this has already been asked before but I couldn't find the answer in the search. What do I need to set the trimmer on the carbon black to? I'd thought it'd be like the benson preamp where you have to have the trims exactly right otherwise it doesn't work but mine is...
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    Wiring with no footswitch, always on?

    Probably a dumb question, but I did a forum search and couldn't find an answer. If I had a pedal that I wanted to wire to be always on with no footswitch, is that as easy as jumpering the in and out pads at the bottom of the PCB or do I need to do anything with the SW and ground pads?
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    Wampler Ego

    I don't think this would be a difficult trace tbh, and it's def my favourite comp I've tried in the lower price range. Managed to find a pic of the guts too, doesn't look like it'd be a hard build at all:
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    Low Tide

    picsssssss So I've kinda had this one built for a few months now and have been enjoying it, but I took it out of the box so I could screenprint the artwork onto it. When I put it back it in it wasn't working so I had to do a whole troubleshooting thing, my thread is in that forum if you're...
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    Glow in the dark Caesar Chorus

    Full build album, be sure to click through to see it in action! So I've had this idea for almost a year now. I bought the PCB when it was first dropped last fall but I waited awhile before boxing. I put it together back in March just to hear how it sounded (very good) but then when I got back...
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    First time sharing a build report here! I do printmaking so I adapted my screenprinting process and bought some special inks so that I could print art on all my builds. This is the first of many I have done here that I will be sharing. This thing came together even cuter than anticipated. The...
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    Low Tide Non-functional after re-boxing

    Hey all. So last month I had boxed up two Low Tide builds to test and make sure they were functional, which they were and both sounded great. I had tried running them parallel for a bit in a stereo signal which sounded really amazing. I then took them back out of their respective boxes so that...
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    Duocast Low Cut Knob Issue

    Hey everyone, I boxed up this build the yesterday and I'm not sure if I'm going crazy or not with regards to the low cut knob. The pedal itself sounds great, except I can't tell if the low cut knob is doing anything or not. There's barely any difference between the minimum and maximum settings...
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    Caesar Chorus: If I wanted to make the rate LED as bright as possible which LED should I swap?

    The schematic isn't in the build doc and I need that bad boy blinding. I assumed it might be R100 or 101 but I wanted to check before I started swapping. Thanks!
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    Hyped Fuzz 1/8w resistors

    This is a really dumb question, but do I need to use 1/8w resistors for the Hyped Fuzz or can I just angle my usual 1/4w ones up a bit so they fit in the smaller spots?