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  1. andare

    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    I've been breadboarding this fuzz and the Depth knob (really a blend between the two amplification stages) is only useful in the two extreme positions for me. In the middle it's quieter and neither fish nor flesh. How do I replace it with a toggle switch? Here's the schematic:
  2. andare

    What to do in Mod County, Tweaksville and Fiddletown: best way to socket resistors?

    Salutations, I'm building a Calamity Fuzz and a bunch of other fuzzes and I need to adjust some resistors for optimal transistor bias. I know I can use single SIP sockets but the plastic encasing usually falls apart and I don't trust the thin resistor legs to make a good connection. I'd rather...
  3. andare

    How do you clean your PCBs? Help a noob out!

    My experience with cleaning flux residue off PCBs has been spotty. I use IPA and a toothbrush. If I do it right after populating the board it cleans up fine. If I wait a couple of days (which is 99% of the time because I can never finish a board in one go) I end up spreading a sticky mess all...
  4. andare

    AuditoriumTest Platform - Polyfuse mA value

    Hi, just a quick newbie question. The build docs call for a 250mA polyfuse. All I can find are 300mA and a 500mA. Are those ok and which value is better? The voltage is 72V like the fuse in the docs. Thanks!
  5. andare

    Photon Vibe, it works!

    This was a tight build, I also soldered two of the trimpots in the wrong spot because they fit better before realizing they were different values. All fixed even though TR1 looks upside down but there's only one way it goes in and it works as intended. Once again this was a kit from...
  6. andare

    Minnow whistle (solved) and ticking on bypass but volume drop when turned on.

    I just finished building a Minnow. Definitely the most complex out of all the 8 pedals I've built so far but it worked right away. Everything seems to work as intended but I have 4 issues, 1 of which I've been able to solve: Whistling on bypass. This is due to IC2 being close to the output tip...
  7. andare

    Moonshot Tremolo

    Just finished my Moonshot Tremolo. This was a kit from Musikding. They sent me an Acid Fuzz PCB instead of the right one so I had to wait another week to get this. They also forgot to drill the hole for the on/off LED. This was a blessing in disguise since the always-on blinking LED was...
  8. andare

    Your best method for removing thorugh-hole components from a PCB

    Hi, I'm trying to remove a 47uF electrolytic capacitor from a Minnow PCB that is 99% populated. Silly me soldered it where the 4.7uF cap goes... I'd like to salvage this build because it is expensive and complicated for me but solder sucker and my puny 0.5mm solder wick aren't working. What is...