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  1. DGWVI

    Copilot Autodialer

    So, all three of the chips are scratched out and painted over 😒
  2. DGWVI

    Copilot Autodialer

    Gives you an envelope input to replace your expression pedal. Pretty nifty, but rather hard to come by. I do have one I'd be able to trace or would be willing to send in for a trace
  3. DGWVI

    Wanted - Rare Mojo Parts - Will Trade

    I'll have to find my cache, and take stock tomorrow. But I had a bad habit of buying old Soviet bits a while back. Mostly ics and diodes
  4. DGWVI

    Moog MF107 FreqBox

    Not entirely sure how intense this is circuit-wise, but I love the sounds it's capable of. And, it really doesn't have any competition
  5. DGWVI

    Mid-Fi For Parts or Repair

    Just found out about this one today. Sounds awesome, and has a simple control layout. The sop could use more glitch
  6. DGWVI

    Whammy Style Pedal with Arachnid

    Here's a kinda crappy video showing the Pythagoras with Clock Module and Expression control of Pitch 1 I used the diagram from the wiki to add the expression input
  7. DGWVI

    I'm returning to my large enclosures, and you can't stop me

    Actually haven't gotten around to building that one.
  8. DGWVI

    An all-model Rat

    Kinda piggy-backing on this idea... Why not an all Proco dirt box? Take all the classic Rat flavors, but add switchable soft clipping and input/ output boost (Brat / Roadkill), switchable bass boost (Juggernaut), and switchable tonestack (Solo). Sorta like the Palisades, but Rat flavored Could...
  9. DGWVI

    An all-model Rat

    If you're super careful with the distortion pot, you can get a clean-ish boost out of it
  10. DGWVI

    An all-model Rat

    Here's one I built several years back. The right side (Classic) offers Vintage diode clipping TURBO red LED clipping Asymmetrical Distortion clipping Symmetrical OD clipping Asymmetrical OD clipping Mosfet OD clipping The left side (Modern/ aggressive) offers NO clipping diodes (a'la Ibanez...
  11. DGWVI

    Parasit Theremin and Multiwave

    They range from around 1-3 lbs depending on width
  12. DGWVI

    PSA - Mini Heterodyne Receiver

    So, I just finished one of these today, and Mode 4 on the Oscillator rotary was just whistling- no response to any notes or twiddling. There was a micro fissure between the relevant switch pad the the trace leading to pin 10 of IC8. I checked the other board I had on hand for continuity, and it...
  13. DGWVI

    Parasit Theremin and Multiwave

    My bad... Just built a Mega as well, got a bit flustered, I guess
  14. DGWVI

    Parasit Theremin and Multiwave

    PLL circuits definitely take a moment to get used to, but I love pretty much every one I've built, with the Theremin being my absolute favorite of the bunch
  15. DGWVI

    Parasit Theremin and Multiwave

    He's still got a few listed in his Reverb store
  16. DGWVI

    Parasit Theremin and Multiwave

  17. DGWVI

    lamestain v2.0 (2x Muroidea / Dream Fuzz)

    Kind of a shame, but at least they work well for hard clipping. Luckily for me, the only soft clipping circuits I really care for are the OA Muff, and the Cream Puff That was a typo, I meant R4, not R2. I wanted to set the gain through the circuit higher for more saturation, while taking care...
  18. DGWVI

    lamestain v2.0 (2x Muroidea / Dream Fuzz)

    Just going off memory and the pic, as I seem to have tossed the build notes. Nothing too drastic R1- 47k R4 - 470k R7 - 470k R8 -47k R10 - 4.7k R13 - 1M R14 - 3.3k R15- 2.2k C3- 1n C4- 4.7n C7 - 100p Tone Pot- 100kB And, then the diodes, which are just 2 Zeners of some sort into the red...
  19. DGWVI

    Squidward > Amentum > El Sol > Two Sticks of Derm in one Enclosure !?

    Unfortunately, I seem to have deleted the gut shot. The pot was just the Volume control for the Two Sticks. The Squidward board was situated between the Sticks and the enclosure, standing parallel to the side of the box. I use solid core wire, so I ran those below the trace side of the Squidward...
  20. DGWVI

    Way Huge Atreides

    Definitely sounds like it's related to the Micro Synth. Either way, I'd love to build one. Honestly surprised DeadEnd FX hasn't tackled the Micro Synth yet