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  1. boji

    Bellum fuzz mkII germanium diodes

    I bent the legs of one of the germanium diodes too close to the glass casing and destroyed it. Do the two germanium diodes need to be the exact same model? Or can they be mismatched?
  2. boji

    Lamp (or Helping hands + lamp combo)

    The lighting in my home doesn’t quite cut it for pedal building. Unwanted shadows makes it nearly impossible to solder at night. Any recommendation?
  3. boji

    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I always struggle with fitting the LED. Since the LED must be inserted from inside the enclosure, the drilling has to be absolutely spot-on in order for the LED legs to go through the PCB easily. Needless to say, mine is not JoviBenKenobi good yet. In Jovi’s step-by-step guide, the LED fits...
  4. boji

    Wren and Cuff Garbage Face

    J Mascis’ favourite muff replica + germanium treble booster + clean boost
  5. boji

    SOLVED Duocast

    Hi all, I finished building the Duocast yesterday. I used IPA for the first time (I know, I know) and was quite proud of my cleanest build yet. But I must have made a mistake somewhere, because it doesn't work properly. - I got sound in bypass and when I press on the right foot switch -...
  6. boji

    If you could only have one...

    I'm still fairly new to pedal building - I got 10 pedals or so under my belt - and just finished my first solder spool and my first desoldering braid spool. As you can imagine, when I started I had no idea what to buy, so I bought the cheap stuff where it was easier to find. As I'm in France...
  7. boji

    Death by Audio Apocalypse

    5 (great) fuzzes - including the Fuzz war - in a single box
  8. boji

    SOLVED Valhalla oh la la (LED)

    Hi everyone, I just finished my Valhalla build and everything worked fine but the led wouldn't light up. I figured that I must have bent it too much (it's quite hard to fit everything in the enclosure), so I desoldered the LED, soldered a new one, managed to solder it backwards, desoldered it...
  9. boji

    SOLVED - Mod a treble booster

    Hi, I don't know if it's OK to post here about pedals that aren't based on a PedalPCB PCB. If not, don't hesitate to just delete this one. I have a treble booster that I really like that doesn't feature an LED or 9V plug. I don't have access to the PCB (which is enclosed in a plastic box) and...
  10. boji

    SOLVED Kazoo & Plecostomus Fuzz won't work on the higher frets of the high E string

    Hi all, I have a very specific question, for a problem I've never encountered before. I've built two pedalpcb fuzzes so far - the Kazoo and Plecostomus. The builds were easy and trouble free. Both work fine on the low strings and up to the 12th fret or slightly higher. But for some...