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  1. mjh36

    DEMO Woodpecker Tremolo

    Hey sounds great, looks great, and perfect timing. I just got this pcb and was just enclosure shopping last night. Did you sub the PF5102 for anything or did you have one?
  2. mjh36

    My Spring Collection: The Masking Tape Series

    Couldn't tell ya about all the uses sorry, I kinda just copy mods, probably a better answer on the hydra mod threads. For me it makes it a little easier for fine tuning, more usable range on the mix knob as I like a subtle fx in the background. But the regular setting works just fine too.
  3. mjh36

    My Spring Collection: The Masking Tape Series

    Yup DanM got it, the wet/dry mix mod. I did it on the Unison as well. It seemed well recommended and is really useful.
  4. mjh36

    A Tale of Two Compressors: Delegate & Thumb Sucker

    Just built these same two this week, and I agree with your reviews. Slight edge to the Thumbsucker right off the bat. I just need more time with the Delegate. They're my first comp pedals and I built two because I didn't know if I wanted one before or after my drives, or both. Do you only use...
  5. mjh36

    My Spring Collection: The Masking Tape Series

    For now the tape will do. I was getting too confused which ones were Volume knobs when I was playing. So after building these I can lament a little on learning to design faceplates on Affintity Designer from ground zero to send Amplifyfun. Top: Promethium - Kliche Boost - Delegate Boneyard -...
  6. mjh36

    Chromatic Tuner

    Why is it that only tuner pedals have an out to power another pedal? And why not put that feature in other pedals?
  7. mjh36

    Thermionic Deluxe Dual Build (Friedman BE-OD Deluxe)

    Wow your blog is cool you got some great builds there. Enclosures look pro!
  8. mjh36

    Two Delegate compressors, ready to rock. (One 1590bb, one 125b, both Boneyard modded.)

    I looked through my stuff and I do have some Nichicon 1uf just like yours, but I don't know what the top and bottom should look like. Is it that they should have those indentations in the metal on top of the can as opposed to a plain flat top?
  9. mjh36

    Two Delegate compressors, ready to rock. (One 1590bb, one 125b, both Boneyard modded.)

    What's up with the nichicons? Because I think I got some arriving in the mail today from Tayda...
  10. mjh36

    DEMO: Highway to hell...

    The more recent times I've heard this jingle, at the end they add that they're now accepting boats/homes/property as donations. Because why would you ever sell your house when you can just give it away to Kars4Kids?
  11. mjh36

    4.8mm LEDs from Tayda (pictures)

    Totally has robot vibes to it. Now you got me thinking.
  12. mjh36

    4.8mm LEDs from Tayda (pictures)

    Hey just wanted to share these LEDs I ordered from Tayda to try out. They have a cool glow, they are waterclear but only look like a little "spark" from all angles. Not at all blinding from the top. Pics are compared with normal 5mm waterclears all with 10k resistors. They fit in these well...
  13. mjh36

    Looking for a thread/pic here, but can't seem to find

    Yup t'was the Hydra. That'll be on my next order, I like that mod idea. Thanks guys👍
  14. mjh36

    Looking for a thread/pic here, but can't seem to find

    I thought I saw the other day in a thread, a mod to a pedal that I meant to bookmark/remember. One of ya'll did a modification to a pedal, there's a toggle switch on top, on the same face as the output jack. I think it was mix/blend or dry mod. I just can't quite remember. I'm building a...
  15. mjh36

    Game over man, game over

    Well I'm not of any help but I love that movie.
  16. mjh36

    Who's down for some SMD layouts?

    I was just looking at hot plates with solder paste videos for SMD the other day, as I had not seen that method before.
  17. mjh36


    That was amazing so far so good
  18. mjh36


    I'm staying up, launch in a few hours from now. 4:20 am PST on Christmas Day. I think I know what to do...
  19. mjh36

    Tyrian issues help!!!

    Ditto on dust cover, try to play it making sure the A50K and B1M aren't touching the board (you may have already done this).
  20. mjh36

    BBE Sonic Maximizer vs 10 Band EQ?

    I'd go with a 10-band EQ, more options that way.