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    Ibanez CS9

    I don't think it's that different from the CE-2, but when I AB'd my vintage CS9 vs the vintage CE-2 I borrowed I was surprised to find that I liked the CS9 way better. I would love to be able to build an extra one so that I didn't have to take mine to gigs and such since it's the only pedal I...
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    Screen Printing Process for Pedals Breakdown

    Wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this on so I can move it if need be. Last build report I posted I had some suggestions to put together some sort of tutorial on how I screen print my pedals and since I'm working on some new builds thought I'd try to document my process a bit. I don't...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    I haven't yet but I could try that. I tried out one of those CH341 EEPROM burners I got off amazon but so far am getting the exact same error.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    I dunno about the windows drivers but the mac driver seems to be the same one I already have. Thanks though!
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    Sourcing LM308s?

    Anyone got line on some legit LM308s right now? Currently waiting for more parts for my parentheses mini so I thought I might as well try to get an actual LM308 in the meantime.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    The actual USB cable I'm using is the one from my Zoom U44 audio interface which does power and data, and when I use the interface it's always plugged into this UBC C dongle so I'm not sure that's the issue. When I look at it in system info it shows up as a USB 2.0 hub with the name of the...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    I should clarify too I'm using a cheap-ish USB dongle to connect to my 2019 macbook pro that only has USB C style connections. I have a 2012 mbp kicking around somewhere that I could probably try using directly.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    slightly different error: libusb: info [darwin_detach_kernel_driver] no capture entitlements. may not be able to detach the kernel driver for this device libusb: info [darwin_claim_interface] no interface found; setting configuration: 1 libusb: info [darwin_claim_interface] interface not found...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Oooooook so that's one step forward. Couldn't figure out where my ch341 executable was, turns out it was in my downloads folder. Moved it to a more convenient location, ran the command line code with the proper file paths and got a message saying I had to allow the executable in the security...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    oh doi, that makes sense. Will try that later and report back!
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Yeah there's nothing showing up in the security section about it. Can you explain the path thing a little simpler? In terminal I'm in the folder that my hex file is in. I tried going: sudo CHMOD +x ch341eeprom -s 24c32 -w Bank1Test.bin and it returned: CHMOD: ch341eeprom: No such file or...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Hey all, finally trying to get my FV1 dev board running on MacOS and I've hit a small hurdle. I installed everything here: I have SpinCAD running in java which I loaded some .spcd files into. I saved the bank as a hex file, used...
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    smallsound/bigsound mini

    Every now and then I think about doing a stripboard layout of one of these and then I think about the wiring and I'm like yeah nah. Looks great! Honestly better wiring job than most here would end up with probably.
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    Quick questions about new pcbs/builds

    I used to break apart the line of sockets and place them individually but lately I've started ordering these from digikey: They're really pricey for what they are but I haven't found anything else...
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    Analog Delay

    They can be challenging and expensive builds. Madbean has a bunch of analog delay builds though, I've built their DMM and absolutely love it.
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    Modern Vintage - Cataclysm Delay Mockup Pedal

    What's this based on? Or what's the chipset?
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    Low tide help?

    I will have to double check this and see. I don't believe I have any insulation on my functioning unit under the dual gang pot but it's certainly a possible issue.
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    Low tide help?

    From the manual they say for guitar it's Boost on (switch to the left) Pad off (switch to the right). It only affects the input gain and impedance if you get too much clipping or want to use it with something line level like a synth.
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    Low tide help?

    Here's what I got for voltages in my working unit vs the non-working unit: There were really only minor differences between most of the values but I highlighted the main differences in red and the parts in the nonfunctioning unit are marked with NF in the header. In the functioning unit...
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    Special Combo Pedal - Madbean Kompromat + PPCB Simulcast

    PICS: This is a special project I made for myself. Absolutely fell in love with the sound of the broadcast at lower gains for funk/RnB tones and then I needed another compressor since I sold my wampler ego mini. My idea was to approximate what Cory Wong uses to mix his guitar sounds. He did a...