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  1. Feral Feline

    TRANSFORMERS, all PPCB projects, in disguise...

    Made a list of all the transformer-equipped projects here, because when you search the PPCB shop for "Transformer", the only thing that comes up is the Fasel Inductor Adapter. The Simulcast and Duocast do not come up in the search, not the Mystery Machine, Conquerer nope, nor does the...
  2. Feral Feline

    UGLY FACE by Escobedo with Bailey's LFO mods

    more vids here: Grind Custom FX once offered the Machette, a compact PCB, which was: Tim Escabedo’s Ugly Face fuzz with the addition of Mick Bailey’s LFO and mods. Alas, GCFX is no more, here's the build doc though...
  3. Feral Feline

    Xotic SL Drive wishy-watchy

    Wishing & Watching for this’n’. I just got back from a friend’s drive shootout between an S2, Tiki, Flux-five, Tube Zone and then for kicks we threw the SL on the dogpile… dang it’s good! Each of the above has its own merits, and space permitting each would be on the guy’s gigboard, but come...
  4. Feral Feline


    I'd smoke 'm if you got 'em... A small daughter-board that can have two pots (or a pot/trimmer combo). Imagine... - access to two gain settings with a single stomper - send a delay into feedback with a momentary switch - two EQ "channels" - a lead boost (Vol change) without having to reset...
  5. Feral Feline

    HUDSON BROADCAST AP — Ariel Posen signature edition

    With a different transformer than the other Broadcast editions, in PedalPCB's tracing oeuvre this AP would be a fantastic addition. Twas in the old Wish List: Ariel’s new signature Broadcast-AP: 24:40 (28:25) Rosen jamming with Paddy...
  6. Feral Feline

    TEXAS PLAYBOY or CHARLIE CHRISTIAN? — Gibson EH-150 in a can, the Nocturne Jr Barnyard Preamp

    From the Good Preamps thread, Username123 said he put this thing in the Wish List stack, but damned if I can find it — so I'm putting it in (again?) Sorry/not sorry if it's redundant. There's two versions. I've always liked the Nocturne stuff, from the early days when candy-flake orange...
  7. Feral Feline

    BOSS MICRO STUDIO SERIES — 1/2-racks, but in pedal-form

    Above picture for reference only, the series included the following: RCL-10, Compressor Limiter RPS-10, Pitch Shifter/Delay RGE-10, Graphic EQ RPH-10, Phaser RBF-10, Flanger RCE-10, Chorus Ensemble ROD-10, OD/Distortion RDD-10, Digital Delay RSD-10, Sampler/Delay RRV-10, Digital Reverb RPQ-10...
  8. Feral Feline


    Like a Blue Box, but better, freq'ier. From the old wish list:
  9. Feral Feline

    Gretsch Playboy / JEN HF Modulator

    Need more rings n things... More demos: Great little circuit that pairs well with other FX, feed it some dirt ala Percolator or Machine...
  10. Feral Feline

    TRAYNOR TS-50B for all you Sleepy-Heads aka RUSTY BOX

    This massive tone machine... ...Shrunk down to this : It was in the previous wish list, so I was hopin' it'd get posted here too — but I can wait no longer for the original OP to post it again! This is a killer circuit for bass, and it's...
  11. Feral Feline


    A buffer that mounts right to the back of a jack like these cal ones from Cal... Found no mention of what kind of buffer it is, but I like how compact it is. PedalPCB's SMD buffer may suffice, I'll order a few to try, but jack-mountable would be a really tidy way of sneaking a buffer into a...
  12. Feral Feline

    Morley/Session-Award JD10: Preamp/OD/EQ/Headphone-Amp/Line Driver/Amp-emu/&Humbucker-emu

    There's a PCB at another place, but I'm not keen on that option and would MUCH prefer a PedalPCB version. ;) (Vid at bottom of post) Manual: Hellecaster JD endorsed, hmmm "JD"10... JD20!
  13. Feral Feline

    Looking for Flux Pen Recommendations

    Like it or not, SMD is becoming an integral part of my build regimen. Though most of my SMD-related projects are PedalPCB, via the FV-1 pre-solder option, unfortunately BuGG can't solder all my SMD projects. Long time ago ordered a 1590A PCB for FV-1 Reverb, but vendor was out of chips. I've...
  14. Feral Feline

    OP-AMPs in the power section, what's that all about?

    I've seen many circuits that only need one op-amp, but the circuit-designer used a dual op-amp IC (or 3 op-amps in circuit using a quad IC) and then sticks the spare op-amp in the power section. Is there any benefit? Does it help regulate the power or condition it in some way? (often it goes...
  15. Feral Feline

    MXR Model 126 Flanger/Doubler

    On a bit of a Phil Lynott kick at the moment (a recurring cyclical thing); Of course, a LOT of other people used the 126 Flanger/Doubler, too. The Reticon SAD1024 are rarer than space dust falling through our atmosphere, and the Reticon R5101 chips may as well be on Mars... A work-a-like would...
  16. Feral Feline


    I thought this was already in the Wish List, but it was mentioned in another thread somewhere else. So... official request for a Buzz Box, s'il vous plait! I've got a MFX build planned and need this one. The DOD Vibothang is part of that plan, as is the DOD FX25...
  17. Feral Feline

    Thumb UPgrade

    I like how the forum has multiple options for responding to someone's post: :love: :ROFLMAO:😲:(:mad:, but the first one (a thumb, not shown with the smilies to the left) is not in keeping with the others. Can the blue-backgroundmm "thumb" be changed to (y), or even more in keeping with the...
  18. Feral Feline

    Rainbows Puppies & Unicorns... Oh My!

    I keep calling it the RPU, Rainbows Puppies and Unicorns... but in fact it is the VFE RUP aka the Rainbows Unicorns and Puppies.
  19. Feral Feline

    Expressionator Yourself

    Press "PLAY" before reading this post: Express yourself! Imagine being able to do so in several ways with several effects, with one expression pedal! Couldn't afford it when Monsieur Jean Baudin first developed it on TalkBass so I missed out, and now that I'm into DIY I'd rather build than...
  20. Feral Feline

    ROCKTAVE by Craig Anderton w/ MAO-mods

    Mao has some great mods for it over on the Tagboard site, but ... vero. Vero is only my last resort. In order of preference: PCB Perf P2P-Turret (or Manhattan) P2P-Floating Play with my cat, wait for...