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  1. andare

    Electrovibe breakout boards

    There are several Electrovibe threads here. You should be able to find the post where someone traced the connections. I think it's the thread that collects all the mods that have been discussed.
  2. andare

    Battery power supply

    Thanks. I suppose those are standard M3 threads.
  3. andare

    Battery power supply

    What size standoffs did you use?
  4. andare

    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    Or maybe a 510K resistor since it's closer to 500?
  5. andare

    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    Brilliant, thank you! I knew it was something like that but I couldn't figure it out.
  6. andare

    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    I've been breadboarding this fuzz and the Depth knob (really a blend between the two amplification stages) is only useful in the two extreme positions for me. In the middle it's quieter and neither fish nor flesh. How do I replace it with a toggle switch? Here's the schematic:
  7. andare

    Tayda Electronics - shipping

    I would just buy the LEDs locally. I wouldn't risk more fees for a couple of LEDs.
  8. andare

    What to do with these tubes?

    First of all this is perfectly normal behavior, @peccary :) I think @vigilante398 might be able to make suggestions.
  9. andare


    Good job. The Fuzzrite is on one of my bread boards now but I haven't hooked up the volume knob. IIRC it was pretty loud wired straight to output, which means it's a great candidate for a one knob fuzz. I have to mess with the caps however because it's unbelievably bright and thin. I increased...
  10. andare

    One Loop Switcher - Momentary & Latching with one footswitch

    I finally got two TQL-2-5V relays for the Intelligent Bypass. I suppose I should socket them, right?
  11. andare

    Missing notifications?

    Had the same issue. I checked my settings and I had to enable watching threads that I commented on. I think that was automatic before.
  12. andare

    What's your favorite Fuzz Face build?

    Thank you for the thorough answer!
  13. andare

    Sunflower Fuzz Mods

    I also can't imagine needing more volume from a Fuzz Face. The kast bit of sweep just adds a ton of hiss. I always set it to be at unity when my guitar is rolled back to completely clean (which requires the Fuzz knob to be rolled back a bit on both Si and Ge).
  14. andare

    Pedal popping fixes??

    Yes looks like that's what it does
  15. andare

    DuoCast (But what exactly is it?)

    Nice stuff all around! I used to have a Tele. It was a beautiful milky white with a one-ply guard ans a maple neck. Never got played once I got my Strat. The body is very uncomfortable to me and I need a whammy bar to play my surf music. Too bad because there's nothing like a Tele bridge pickup.
  16. andare

    Sunflower Fuzz Mods

    Paging @Big Monk . He knows from modding Fuzz Faces.
  17. andare

    HELP! Fig's Lab

    Dear @fig sorry about your daughter but glad she's ok. If you every wind up in Krakow hit me up: we'll have a non-alcoholic tantalum nightcap! And now story time: I have in my time driven under the influence a couple of times. This was back in the 90s when cops would just tell you to drive...
  18. andare

    Zapper gain mod

    Thanks everyone for chiming in!
  19. andare

    Pedal popping fixes??

    I found this 3pdt wiring scheme which claims to eliminate all pops. Haven't tried it though. It requires removing any pulldown resistors. Here's the full thread