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  1. IPv6Freely

    Walrus Eras

    Does anyone know anything about the Eras? Has anyone traced it yet? I'd love to make a clone of it but its so new there is still zero info out there.
  2. IPv6Freely

    6-Band EQ for BASS

    I want to use the 6-band EQ for bass, but I assume the frequencies chosen are more treble-specific. What would you guys recommend changing to make this thing bass-friendly?
  3. IPv6Freely

    Black Tiger Boost

    Here it is! My boost pedal. I've had this knob sitting in a drawer for about a decade and finally decided to use it for something.
  4. IPv6Freely

    SOLVED Black Tiger Boost Issues

    I was pretty sure this was the simplest build on PedalPCB, and yet here I am with another failure. First thing I noticed was that my bypass light was on (though dim) as soon as I applied power. It brightens when the switch is pressed, and then dims again when the effect is turned off. If I...
  5. IPv6Freely

    Creamery Buzzing

    LED comes on, but there is nothing but a low volume buzz through my amp. Another day, another pedal that doesn't work... Board pre-pots: Solution for pots not having pins narrow enough to fit into PCB holes: Final assembly: Do you see anything obviously wrong?
  6. IPv6Freely

    MXR M87 Bass Compressor

    Bass compressor, please!
  7. IPv6Freely

    Darkglass Vintage Microtubes

    Would love to see a PedalPCB version of the VMT! There are a few other clones out there, but none that are domestic that I'm aware of.
  8. IPv6Freely

    Caesar Chorus - Steady Rate LED?

    Having issues with my second Caesar Chorus build. When power is applied, the rate LED does not flash at all. It just stays on solidly. I've gone over making sure all the parts are in the right way, the joints look good (even reflowed a couple that looked like they may have been an issue), and...
  9. IPv6Freely

    Relocating LEDs

    What's the best way to change the location of an LED? In many cases in pre-made boards it seems the LED is generally held into place by way of being soldered or socketed directly to the PCB. I assume moving the LED means using wires (solder wires to a socket holding the LED, still?) but how do...
  10. IPv6Freely

    Chorus! Chorus! aka My Caesar Build

    Here it is! My first PedalPCB project. I'm a huge HUGE fan of the Walrus Audio Julia for my bass (Fender Vintera '70s Jazz Bass) and when I saw I could get a clone kit for it, I was all in. After some troubleshooting, I got it working perfectly. Side by side with the Julia I can barely tell a...
  11. IPv6Freely

    SOLVED Caesar No Power

    The nice thing about pedals with a rate indicator LED is you know immediately if they are getting power. Mine isn't. I feel like a power issue is likely to be wiring, but I'm not seeing anything that is incorrectly wired. Warning: newb assembly quality photos ahead!
  12. IPv6Freely

    Cleaning PCB

    I finally bought some 99% IPA and used a (new) toothbrush to clean a PCB. Now it's sticky for some reason and the solder joints are dull, like they've been oxidized (I assume that's just the sticky residue, whatever it is). What have I done wrong, here?