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    Aion fx Deimos

    Just finished up this Aion Fx Deimos last night. Its my second pedal i have built. It's a tone bender mark II with a switch that removes the first transistor stage, turning it into a fuzz face. Haven't played with it much because my hands have been sore. I Still got to get it biased. Before I...
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    Arp 2500

    I was thinking this would be a nice easy build. It only has 42 individual slider matrix's and about 31 modules. It would be a very easy build. Should be able to fit in a 125b.
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    soldering germanium transistors?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions about germanium transistors. I have never worked with germanium transistors before and was wondering if some of you could help me out with a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. First, should I solder them or socket them? If I solder them, what's...
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    My first build

    A long time ago I started and finished this build. I have finally gotten around to making a build report. It's the El Sol which is the EQD acapulo gold. I got to say I actually quite like the way it sounds. The only downside is it starts to oscillate after sustaining for a while and that is...
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    Delete thread feature

    It would be real handy if there was a way to delete a thread. I got a few not so glorious posts, including putting the hologram effects microcosm in the wishlist. Oh the ignorance of youth. I didn't know surface mount existed back in those days. Oh those where the good ol days.
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    Sad times (update for the information database)

    I am going to suspend this project for a while. My grandma passed away on Wednesday and I'm a mess :( I am pretty busy so I won't get to the ID for a while. I do want to keep working on it, but now is not the time.
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    Information Database Discussion

    This thread is for anything relating to the Information database. The information database will be referred to as ID for short in this thread. The purpose of this thread is to ask questions about information on the ID. If I can't help you, I will try to get someone with more experience and...
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    Information Database

    Please don't comment or start a discussion on this thread. An information database discussion thread is intended for comments or discussions. I am going to create an Information Database (or ID for short) that offers an accessible and easy way to get information on a multitude of projects and...
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    What can you and me contribute to the forum?

    I've been thinking, what can I contribute? How can I help this community with my limited knowledge? Well I know I can't help all that much other than a quick comment or build report, but I'm learning a lot everyday because of very generous and knowledgeable people on the forum. While I was...
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    Nevermind, i dont know how to delete a thread.

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    Transistors for fuzz pedals?

    I just wanted some info on transistors in fuzz pedals. I know nothing about the gain you want or matching transistors or stuff like that. If someone could give me a complete rundown of transistors in fuzz pedals, I would appreciate it greatly.
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    These useful for anything?

    I know that the 45580 number is one of the tube screamer ICs, but what are the values below that? Would they be useful for pedal building?
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    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    Full description below.. check out the vid if you don't want to read the whole description. One of the coolest and most versatile pedals out there. Even if there where a pcb, I bet it would be a very challenging build. Probably better than spending 450 bucks though! Also it is one of the most...
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    Delete thread feature

    We should have a delete thread feature, for stupid posts like this one. Originally, it was a eqd time shadow wishlist request before I knew that the circuit is impossible, and I also have a microcosm request as well. It would be nice to delete that because it is an unreasonable and unrealistic...
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    Dunlop crybaby

    Have a few questions. First, can anyone date this thing? I tried to take good photos! Second, any good mods? I know Chuck knows some, and I would be grateful if he elaborated. Third, how to get rid of that annoying squeak? That's all the questions I got. Sorry the photos won't pop up normally...
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    Zvex fuzz factory.(check the description)

    We need a zvex fuzz factory. Also,, I suggested the Nocturne junior barnyard preamp and nobody really cared to look. I'm not butthurt, but I think you should try looking at unknown pedals.It sounds really awesome and I think you should check it out. I would also encourage you to check out pedals...
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    Things that make a pedal look more professional?

    What things make a pedal look more professional, on both the inside and outside?
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    Good preamps?

    I am looking for a good preamp for use in a solid-state class d amp build. It needs to have good clean headroom, and not distort to easily. Amp like would be good, but as long as it sounds good, then I don't care! I don't have very many specific preferences for amps, because I only have 2, and...
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    anyone have any suggestions for a light to medium gain overdrive? I need an overdrive that can get that lovely edge of breakup tone, and a little beyond that. It needs to be able to pull its weight enough, because I am not building an overdrive and then a boost because the overdrive is too mild...
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    Look at feral feline's post about the jr barnyard.

    Just go ahead and have a look at fetal felines post about it! Here is the video in the original post.