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  1. Kroars

    End All Red seems very timid

    Built a couple of these, all controls seem to work fine; although both just sound like they’re not quite what they could be. Unity volume is closer to 2:30-3:00 on both, seems very timid and in major need of some oomph. Now, I will say I got my mmbf5484’s from eBay and these are the first two...
  2. Kroars

    Friendly heads up: 2M Linear back in stock @ Tayda

    Not sure if anyone was waiting for these:
  3. Kroars

    Metal Can LM308H $5.25 a piece if you order 5+

    Just happened across this while looking for a handful of the old school metal can LM308H (mojo and all). Legit site, I’ve ordered from them a few times before and quick shipping. Looks like there are over 150 available. I ordered a few and figured a few of you might want to as well. Best to...
  4. Kroars


    Super easy build, sounds great. Apparently Basic Audios version of the 1960’s Os Mutantes Fuzz, this pedal covers some interesting territory. Originally socketed BC549B’s as per build docs, and it sounded good but seemed to have a ton of high end. After auditioning a few different sets I...
  5. Kroars

    Zener Diode Question

    If a build calls for a particular Zener Diode, say a 1W 1n4742a 12v, is it acceptable to use the .5W BZX55C12 12v equivalent? I’m assuming since most of us use 1/4 watt resistors in nearly all our builds that it should be ok, but thought I’d ask. In another instance, the Arche Boost calls for...
  6. Kroars

    Shika Fuzz (EQD Hizumitas)

    Wow. Just wow…. Built a couple of these last night and got to testing them around 9:00pm so unfortunately couldn’t play too loud but wow…. Used 2n3904 hfe around 280-320. Definitely my favorite EQD circuit, definitely in my top three favorite fuzz circuits. Hard to pick a favorite fuzz...
  7. Kroars

    Propolis volume knob or trimpot

    Hoping one of you gurus can help confirm: Would I be correct in thinking that I could either replace R17 with a 500k trimpot or replace with a 500k linear pot for volume control on this board? Thanks!
  8. Kroars

    MMBF5457’s and where they at?

    So, I recently went to stock up on a few items and seemed to be having trouble finding mmbf5457’s. Then I came across a note that they’ve been discontinued? Anyone know what’s going on with these? Is there a spot I can pick up 100+ for a decent cost (-$0.50)? Feel like I’ve been to all the...
  9. Kroars

    Mofeta Preamp

    What an awesome preamp! Of course, I’ve never had the pleasure of playing around with an actual Model T, but from what I’ve heard on YT demos this is damn close. Sounds exactly like the Model feT. Originally used the standard 4.5v to bias and it sounded pretty good. I then found Mr...
  10. Kroars

    Electrical shop closing & selling inventory

    First I’ll mention the caveat that this is from eBay which I use very sparingly and only under particular conditions (recommendations, amount of sales and positive feedback etc.). That said I came across this shop while looking for the Fairchild CD4049UBCN for Llama builds and other that prefer...
  11. Kroars

    Voodoo Labs or Walrus Audio ISO pow supply?

    After years of using a couple $30 “isolated” power banks I want to purchase a nice one. I believe I have it narrowed down to either the Voodoo Labs Mondo or the Walrus Audio Phoenix. The only difference between the two that I see is you get a couple more outputs on the Phoenix and a bit more...
  12. Kroars

    Blender (aka Fender Blender)

    Built a couple of these today. Great circuit, tons of fun. Although I will say it seems to be very picky with transistor gains and diodes. Built one with 2n5088’s in the 500 hfe range and one with 2n5088’s in the 320-350 hfe range. The lower gain transistors sounded wayyyyy better. Also...
  13. Kroars

    SES Transistors?

    Has anyone heard of the manufacturer SES in reference to transistors (among other electrical components I presume)? I’m looking at purchasing some 2n404a’s but haven’t heard of SES before and am curious of quality.
  14. Kroars

    Southern Belle/Carbon Black

    So, this idea came to be via request from a gentleman I’ve built a few pedals for. I found myself “testing” it for about 2 1/2 hours and figured I needed one as well. This is a Southern Belle (Greer Southland) and Carbon Black (EQD Black Ash) with an order switch. The order switch is key here...
  15. Kroars

    Tantric (Blackout Effectors Mantra) bias 6.2v?

    Can anyone confirm the bias on of the two J201’s in this circuit? I saw on a schematic (not the PedalPCB schematic) that they’re supposed to be 6.2 on drain, but hoped someone could confirm. Thanks!
  16. Kroars

    Acrylic C3 blackout out with sharpie on pcb?

    Building a couple Acrylic Drives and just noticed C3 is blacked out on the pcb. I can see it was noted as 47p on the pcb. The build docs say 470p. I assume C3 is supposed to be 470p, just double checking that my assumption is correct.
  17. Kroars

    Pulse Waves a bit timid?

    Built a couple Pulse Wave (Square Wave) pedals, one with a BC549c (hfe 573), one with a 2n5088 (hfe 470) and both with 2n5458’s from smallbear. Used D2V’s (Vf .34) in one and HG5008’s (Vf .26). Contrary to what I’ve read on the forums I don’t have any hiss at all (no complaints there), but...
  18. Kroars

    XC Phase trimpot

    Just finishing up the boards population on this one and find I don’t have a 250k trimpot, but I do have a 300k. I’m unsure of how touchy the bias is? Will a 300k make it more challenging to get it where it needs to be? Is there a particular voltage on one of the 2n5952’s I’m shooting for with...
  19. Kroars

    No LEDR in Gravitation?

    I was just about to box up the Gravitation pcb when I happened to notice Robusto’s question about an apparent lack of an LEDR. It was mentioned that the LED indicator seemed to blink for a second and then turn off when pedal was activated. I double checked on mine and sure enough, same thing...
  20. Kroars

    The Doctor is in! (Pharmacist)

    Another great board from PedalPCB. Used two 4.7M because I didn’t have the recommended 5.1M resistors it called for. Although I did socket them both to see if it made any noticeable difference. I’ll report back when the 5.1M’s come in. Built two of these and used 2n2222’s around 130-160 hfe...