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  1. Betty Wont

    Help needed! Artwork Not Coming Through?!

    Please help!? Complete noob here. Haha.sorry for the sloppy build. I hope to get better. It sounds great though. Mods for tone pot, volume boost, and diode selector. I've tried EVERYTHING though but can't connect with it. Bypass works. I built this random board I found on oshpatk. It's an...
  2. Betty Wont

    PSA: Flux Residue on Component Side of PCB

    I'm seeing a lot of build reports and more importantly, a lot of troubleshooting threads with serious amounts of flux residue on the component side of the pcb. Not sure how that's happening for a lot of you. I usually only get it around the pot pins, led, and maybe some wiring lugs. Other than...
  3. Betty Wont

    Anyone buy BBD from Tinkersphere? AVOID!

    Tinkersphere seems to be to only US supplier with MN3007 right now. Has anyone bought components like these from them? Any issues? Everything seems legit, but I've never sourced from them before and I don't hear them come up.
  4. Betty Wont

    Black Arts Fnord

    Low parts count, unique fuzz.
  5. Betty Wont

    Bigfoot Magnavibe

    It's an easy and great sounding trem/vibe. Fuzzdog makes a pcb for it but it would be nice to have one in the US.
  6. Betty Wont

    Simulcast/Broadcast with voltage selector

    Really digging my simulcast build, and it sounds two different kinds of fantastic with the charge pump in AND out. I'm sure I could hack in what I want, but I will add to my wish list a Simulcast pcb with switchable or attenuate voltage.
  7. Betty Wont

    Danelectro Black Licorice

    "beyond metal" high gain distortion with octave down.