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  1. Feral Feline

    Rat doesn't work

  2. Feral Feline

    Gert Shulte Compact Phasing "A"

    +1 for some Haible schtuff.
  3. Feral Feline

    DUMESDAY DEVICE (An itty-bitty Star Wars fuzz)

    Love the level of thought that went into this one, hits like a thermal detonator!
  4. Feral Feline

    Lovepedal 200lbs of Gold

    So it's a silicone Fuzz Face > Tube Screamer with an MXR MicroAmp tacked on at the end...
  5. Feral Feline

    What to do with these tubes?

    I got one of those tube grab-boxes, too.
  6. Feral Feline

    Random pix

    '66 Windsor... Bought by my Dad in '86 for my Mom and restored by him and painted by his friend. Stock colour was an unattractive pale blue, Dad chose a darker colour. It got hit, was fixed and resprayed but it didn't quite pop or match. Then it got hit again, above and in the rear passenger...
  7. Feral Feline

    Random pix

    Been working on a different kind of pedal-related build…
  8. Feral Feline

    Random pix

    I used to see those Krispy Kreme doughnuts in pics of cars at car-shows, presumably to bribe people to upvote that person's car. Well, a Krispy Kreme outlet finally opened up in HK, and I tried one. I've got a sweet-tooth, but man, one KK 'nut and you feel sick to your stomach and need an...
  9. Feral Feline

    Lemonade OD - add treble and pre-gain?

    Another "pre-gain" possibility, without looking at the schematic, is it's simply a pot chucked onto the very front of the circuit to tame/limit the signal going into the circuit.
  10. Feral Feline

    DEMO Woodpecker Tremolo

    A succinct build and demo! Lots of real-deal Red-Crested (and other) Woodpeckers around here.
  11. Feral Feline

    Pro-10 Dual Overdrive

    Love the smooth graceful arcs of the wiring. Solid build.
  12. Feral Feline

    Hydra Delay

    I'm tall, I can probably still reach the bar even if it's higher... long as the bar is well-stocked with Single-Malt Scotch, I'll get there. Michael, thanks for matching the collar and cuffs, but really the blue is for you — Or whatever colour(*s) you want. Black-light LED with...
  13. Feral Feline

    What's on the workbench?

    Yes, I suspected they could be so modded, but I want mine to return to centre.
  14. Feral Feline

    Happy Birthd(el)ay To Me!— 23 Skidoo (Modified Chalumeau)

    HOPPY BEERDAY! 🍻 If you're a straight edge or simply don't drink beer, then HOPPY BIRDY! Here's a pair of bouncing tits to mark the occasion: GREAT pedal name, and well-executed build with the BEST foresight! Congrats on your birthday and your birthday-build, sir! Have you planned similar...
  15. Feral Feline

    What's on the workbench?

    Unlike the Janus, my joysticks are spring-loaded and return to centre after manipulating them. *ahem* I've got another stubby short one with a mushroom-shaped handle on it, better for foot use ( I think ) than the tall skinny ones, but conversely it doesn't have much range of motion so won't be...
  16. Feral Feline

    First Combo build....and it works! Mach 1/Southern Belle

    I'd start with 330n on the breadboard, but probably go for the 470n, because BASS! Nonetheless for guitar, I'm wondering if the "excessive" high end would be good once its in the mix, help the guitar cut through the keyboard and cymbals...
  17. Feral Feline

    New Test Rig

    Tone generation can be modded to be less obnoxious; I’m sure I’ve seen some threads on this, long ago.
  18. Feral Feline

    Building Twinface

    It would be easier to desolder other components (or not if they are lower in height than the switch). Easiest solution: I'd just use the switch to mount the board in the enclosure and offboard wire the pots. So long as the IC is correct.
  19. Feral Feline

    New Test Rig

    During drilling, ages ago, I mangled my enclosure for my JMK board (fancy lightweight blue-anodized alloy slightly smaller than 1590BB); your V2 makes me want to redo mine, too! I don't have the charge pump built in, that would be a nice addition. My next enclosure will be a Hammond...