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  1. Dan0h

    Shrapnel build

    The last of my five pack to get back into building. Another Thorpy design. I’m not much of a metal player so this won’t end up on my board but it does sound cool and has a pretty wide range, but what sounds best is on full tilt. Will keep it around for those days when I just need a good shred.
  2. Dan0h

    Arche Build

    I’ll admit, when TPS featured this boost on their video last month I wanted it. And it delivers. The General Tso was one of my first builds and has never left my board. Big fan of Thorpy’s pedals. This might just give the simulcast a run for its money, as that has been my almost always on pedal...
  3. Dan0h

    HWUT FUZZ build W/sound clip

    This build is a shit show I know, but the sound… the sound is insane and makes up for the spaghetti western of wires and my error ordering a full size rotary vs the mini. I will post some sounds tomorrow when I can turn up, but even at nighttime with a 6yr old sleeping in the next room low...
  4. Dan0h

    Pendulum build

    My hopes were high for this one. But tempered by previous threads warning of phaser and sounds. To be fair most harmonic trems do have that phasey quality. This one sounds cool, but having a 70s Mxr phase 100, and having had a Supro tremolo, this sorta feels like meh. The cool thing is I have a...
  5. Dan0h

    Plaid build.

    Pretty happy with this one. First impression, a double tube screamer with full tone stack built in, but more. I like the dual gain pots, gives this a ton of range. The three band EQ reminds me of the Sunn pedals but the sweep is much more useful here. Being a 90s head I had to build this...
  6. Dan0h

    Red Witch Xenia

    Saw this little beast on the Anderton’s video today. Sounds pretty awesome, any thoughts on what’s inside? Mr. PedalPCB you got any Red Witch boards in the works? Cheers.
  7. Dan0h

    Shrapnel and Arche tantalum ?

    I mistakenly put 220nf film caps in C4&C5 of the Shrapnel build( calls for 220nf tantalum), and put the 220nf tantalum in C1 of my Arche Boost build( calls for film cap). The woes of doing several boards at once… I plan on pulling and replacing but just wanted to check if it would work if I...
  8. Dan0h

    Special OD help?

    I’ve narrowed down the nasty fizz sound that is causing my Special Od (Dumbloid) pedal to sound like trash. I’m to the point of just pulling the board and reusing the enclosure on a different build but before I trash the dumbloid, thought I would ask the smarter people here for any thoughts. The...
  9. Dan0h

    Dumb loid…

    2nd build of ‘22 and it’s a stinker. Not sure if I have a bunk component or if it’s just not my cup of tea. Love the looks, not the sounds. Has a muffled almost under water quality to the lower end and a piercing to the high end. Maybe just need some time tweaking it. But there’s also a...
  10. Dan0h

    Mojito build Report ‘22

    Here some fresh fodder for the IAIGF crew… the extra long wires should give some tingles. First build of 2022, I know I said I was going to focus on playing in ‘22… but then there was a contest and a free board and …. So this one is pretty rad. I have never played a pedal that sounds like this...
  11. Dan0h

    Special OD C6 sub?

    Can I sub C6 with a 330n instead of 220n? My dumb ass is one 220n short. And would subbing 330n let more bass through or less. Any thoughts?
  12. Dan0h

    Yes I’m posting this.

    I’m very impressed with the level of detail Lego put into this kit. Reverb tank with white and red rca jacks and cables, tubes, the circuit itself, a speaker, all the cables , the tuners, the strings, even a pick for the headstock and extra picks to put in the back of the cab. I would have never...
  13. Dan0h

    Solved - Mojito Diode question.

    Just wondering of the Mojito builds who has subbed the diodes and what did you use? I have a pile of Russian varieties and will try some out but any head start would be appreciated. Was not able to source any BA482’s.
  14. Dan0h

    Double Barrel, JHs

    Well that was a lot of work for a TS and a boost…. Cool pedal, just a lot going on with 7 knobs, 3 toggles and 2 FS. And the printable template was scaled down a few percent for some reason, so I had to do my own drill lines and of course fucked that up. All bitching aside it’s a pretty cool...
  15. Dan0h

    Evil Owl…

    Thought I’d give this build a try, really like the name and I had an extra PT2399. Pretty awesome delay pedal. After building the Magnetron, spirit box, and dark rift I thought I’d heard enough delays but this has a different spin on delay and I dig it. Effect layouts. Pretty cool stuff. And...
  16. Dan0h

    Tone Vender bender mkii

    By it self I’m not really a tone bender fan, I’d take a fuzz face over this. BUT stacked this thing is epic. Pretty much stacked with anything on my board and it’s just this wall of sonic gravity vibrating my soul. Won’t end up on my board but for sure keeping it as a fun pedal. Had an extra...
  17. Dan0h

    You guys set up your own guitars?

    My 2001 strat has a bad case of the Intonation blues. I’ve adjusted the saddles but I can seem to get the truss rod to budge and there is a slight visible bow in the neck and rattle buzz strings all over the place. I’ve decided to finally pull the trigger and take it in for a set up. Just...
  18. Dan0h

    Spring reverb tank in the works?

    I stumbled upon a SPACEMAN Orion clone by Deadend FX. “Hooke”. And was wondering if we have one of these spring tank PCBs in the works? Looks amazing.
  19. Dan0h

    Fender Bender Build.

    Knocked out the Fender blender build tonight. This thing makes me think that someone at fender got really stoned and made a doom pedal but never heard of doom before. This is so out there to think it was a fender creation. Pretty cool and lots of crazy sounds. I sort of wished I would have...
  20. Dan0h

    763 build. Yum.

    I didn’t know this pedal existed until I went down the deluxe reverb rabbit hole a few weeks ago. Thought I’d give it a shot, and it doesn’t disappoint at all. Took some time to get the drive set just right but man this is a sleeper pedal for sure. Wondering why there are not many posts about...