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    DEMO Lectric-fx Downtown-EHX deluxe octave multiplexer

    I have to second what Justin said. Thanks for the cool demo.
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    Anybody noticed issues with Tayda L78l05 regs?

    What does your test circuit look like? I seem to recall that you need a load on the output of the regulator to get an accurate reading. I just looked on the datasheet and you need a minimum load of 1ma. The min input voltage is 7 volts.
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    [PedalPCB] Twin Face + Constrictor

    Try some low gain BD139 for the silicon transistors. They aren't the typical TO92 transistors.
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    HELP! Fig's Lab

    Good to hear that your daughter is doing alright. If you end up in Europe, you can find some rare electronic parts.
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    Compressors I built in 2021

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    Compressors I built in 2021

    I built the Guyatone PS-021 Guitar Exciter / Compressor (AionFX Meridian Exciter / Compressor). I have to say that I really like this exciter / compressor. Madbean is coming out with a Boss CS-3 board, this month. My two favorites, right now, are the OTC-201 and the Guyatone. I'm not a big...
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    Chauffer overdrive

    I got a bad batch of 7660 and they squealed like crazy.
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    Chauffer overdrive

    If you have some TL072s on hand. Try replacing the 4558s. The JFET opamps seem to be more stable. If that works, you can debug the 4558s. You could use your scope and see where the oscillation is occurring.
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    Chauffer overdrive

    I always suspect the charge pump ic.
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    Wanted - Rare Mojo Parts - Will Trade

    I have a bunch of Russian transistors, as well. I need to inventory them (I should just send them to Fig). If there's certain ones your looking for, I'd be happy to share. I have a DCA75 so I can measure them, as well.
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    I have a few vtl5c9. Can't remember where I got them but my Wavelord sounds great. Just DM me. I'd use a socket just to be sure.
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    Trinity TC15 build report

    I don't know about you guys but I always get the last words in with my wife. OK. "Yes, dear" are the last words.
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    HELP! Fig's Lab

    I ordered one of those smd sorting boxes. Makes sorting much easier. I had 45 mmbf5457 that I ordered awhile ago. Got 4 quads. I only plan on keeping two quads so if anybody needs a quad, dm me. I'm sorting some 2sk209-gr by idss. You need two two matched pairs for a Blues Driver.
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    Plaid Preamp

    I built one. It nails the Pearl Jam sound but it isn't a trick pony. It is a good MiB pedal.
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    Six String Stinger - increase volume

    Lowering the source resistors (R8 on the first stage and R14 on the second stage) will give you more gain. I'd start with R14 and if that doesn't do it, change R8 (leave R14 unless it gets too fizzy). Socket these resistors.
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    HELP! Fig's Lab

    Send pics of the sorting process, including the 144 compartment case. I'm about to measure a bunch of smd JFETs.
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    TPA3118 60W Power Amp Module

    Here's another approach to the power on delay. It was designed for a stereo headphone amp but solves the problem with a delayed relay. E12 circuit.
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    NOTE -- New Daisy Seeds have hardware changes that require recompiling libraries

    I'll fix those. I have three daisies and depending on which one I use, I don't always hear the whine. It's a simple fix, though.
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    NOTE -- New Daisy Seeds have hardware changes that require recompiling libraries

    We should make a forum patch. I'd be happy to code it. The patches are fairly short (less than 1000 lines of code) so it shouldn't take too long. Then we could have a group test it and offer criticism. Everything like it needs more range, more treble, more bass, more delay time, etc. We...
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    Six string stinger help (tone control)

    I've made lots of variations of this circuit. Some of the better variations were using the Violet Rams head tonestack, using J113 or MPF102 instead of J201. Change the source resistors to 1K, if change to these transistors. Doesn't sound much like the Steel String (which I don't like), but...