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    Aion fx Deimos

    Thanks for the info. I edited the original comment.
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    Aion fx Deimos

    Lol. I agree with the too much treble thing. And I will definitely keep it stock for now.
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    Aion fx Deimos

    I actually did do some color correction, but I looked at the un-edited photo and it had the same blur. Not sure if the blur is the camera not focusing right in that spot or if it's something else.
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    Aion fx Deimos

    Thanks! Yeah they are pretty good kits. You can have a very professional looking pedal without a ton of work.
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    Aion fx Deimos

    Just finished up this Aion Fx Deimos last night. Its my second pedal i have built. It's a tone bender mark II with a switch that removes the first transistor stage, turning it into a fuzz face. Haven't played with it much because my hands have been sore. I Still got to get it biased. Before I...
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    Delete thread feature

    Yup. Not other people's threads.
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    70's type low/mid level OD/dirt pedal

    By the way, the DOD250 is a direct clone of the MXR distortion+. So they are basically the same.
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    A MadBean Wavelord for my SCHMORG

    I wonder if this pedal would handle line level signal decently. It sure would be fun with my minilouge.
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    Chromatic Tuner

    Good points. I honestly don't need to tune very often. I keep my guitar in a case when I'm not playing it, so it rarely goes out of tune unless I do a lot of bending or look at the bigsby wrong. I also don't actually have a pedal board yet either. Got to build or buy one still.
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    Chromatic Tuner

    I have never really understood the tuning pedal thing. I personally find that a headstock tuner works great for my needs. Plus more room on your pedal board.
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    PedalPCB YATsa stato solida?

    I would say a moog system 55 is doable in a 125B right?
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    Tube preamp (do I dare bring up modelers!?!?!?)

    It was Bogner Amplification who collaborated with line 6. One day I randomly saw that on reverb while I was looking for another amp.
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    Trying to find high-end audio components -- any of you used vishay resistors?

    Have you built a pedal yet? You may not even have a working build the first time so keep that in mind. I would personally make getting a high quality soldering iron my first priority, and getting good soldering skills by practicing. You don't need the best spec parts. I personally think the...
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    Arp 2500

    Yeah I watched a video on it and it's pretty awesome. Lots of possibilities. I'm getting more interested in synths and I am probably going to get a Korg MonoPoly clone.
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    Arp 2500

    I was thinking this would be a nice easy build. It only has 42 individual slider matrix's and about 31 modules. It would be a very easy build. Should be able to fit in a 125b.
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    Analog Delay

    Do you got 30 bucks to drop on BBD's?
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    soldering germanium transistors?

    Yeah I was thinking I would rather be safe than sorry. Don't want to ruin those super old obsolete transistors.
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    soldering germanium transistors?

    Yup I did!
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    soldering germanium transistors?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions about germanium transistors. I have never worked with germanium transistors before and was wondering if some of you could help me out with a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. First, should I solder them or socket them? If I solder them, what's...
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    Meaty Balls (My Meat Sack)

    Check for cold joints, which are the round blobs of solder that aren't shiny. You want to have a Hershey kiss shape that is shiny. Also start a new troubleshooting thread please.