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  1. Nostradoomus

    Life Pedal/HM-2

    Not PedalPCB builds, but fuzzdog mini death and an HM-2 mini board from my buddy Alec at Mask Audio Electronics. This essentially replaces the boost section of the Life pedal with a blendable HM-2 EQ section/boost.
  2. Nostradoomus

    Hyped Fuzz, Softii, Fuzzy Fox

    Lasers away! Bears and Escher this round. Only hiccup was sorting FETs for the Softii, but I dig the sounds out of that thing for sure.
  3. Nostradoomus


    I’ll be posting a fair bit more now that I have a laser :D
  4. Nostradoomus

    Simulcast and Caesar

    First out the gate with the new Laser set up. Also finally settled on a company name so I made some commemorative coasters haha.
  5. Nostradoomus

    SOLVED: Hex file output from SpinASM

    So I finally got around to plugging in my FV-1 Development board, all systems go there (computer recognizes it, can read the IC, deflector.bin boots up just fine etc). So I download a few spinasm files from github and load the project into SpinASM IDE, hit build, status states Build Complete...
  6. Nostradoomus


    Intended to build this as a full on rock mode for my little Marshall Origin 5 and it does the job exceptionally well! Finish is just ink transfer and couple coats of polyurethane.
  7. Nostradoomus

    Carbon Black (again)

    This time with regular components. If I find the time I’ll make a comparison video with this and the carbon comp/wima cap version.
  8. Nostradoomus

    Carbon Black

    Decked out with silly expensive components for your pleasure! :D Not sure about those knobs just yet.
  9. Nostradoomus

    Duo Phase (Frazetta’d)

    A buddy asked me to build him one of these and asked for graphics that said “Big Dick Energy!” so naturally a Frank Frazetta illustration is the best choice.
  10. Nostradoomus

    The Bootlicker (“original” design)

    This is The Bootlicker. It’s based on the SRS Eq Exciter (which is basically a fuzz face). I used this to cut my teeth on DipTrace and having my own boards pick n’ placed. This was the 2nd revision...always double check your pot orientation :geek: First go with a Gorva enclosure/knob as well...
  11. Nostradoomus


    Having to solder my own FV-1 made it a wee bit more of a challenge but I’ve definitely improved on my SMD skills so just another chance to brush up really. I used a Cricut to make a vinyl stencil and then etched it using salt water and electricity. I’ll do up a tutorial on my next go around...
  12. Nostradoomus

    Zapper (NES Edition)

    This was immediately what I thought of when I heard Zapper. Couldn’t help it! I put 2x 1n5817 and 1 red LED across the gain pot for a bit of assymetrical dirt. Works a treat!
  13. Nostradoomus

    Boost and Compressor (Aion boards)

    The etch got a little messy but it’s a personal build so I don’t mind :D Aion Convex (Dinosaural OTC-201) into a Monad (Univox Unidrive)...I kind of never want to turn it off.
  14. Nostradoomus

    Dark Rift Delay

    I’ve had a week off of work so expect a few threads from me. First up is this one. Great modulated delay!
  15. Nostradoomus

    Parentheses Mini 1590BB

    Basically a total rip off of the V2 without an expression jack. I’m going to try that on my next build. This was my first go at the reverse etch technique I got from Hexjibber. Clipping options are 1n4148s and 1n5817/Orange LED...octave is from matched 1n5817s and sounds great.
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    So I can avoid this? :(
  17. Nostradoomus

    Hyped Fuzz

    Etch came out a bit more shallow than I’d like, but it still works...I kinda like the faded look. Haven’t decided on knobs yet, I don’t have much kicking around for the smaller set screw style. Got the iron a wee bit too close to the output jack:LOL:
  18. Nostradoomus

    Phase II: Rise of the Boognish

    I love Mutron phasers and I love Ween. Deaner uses Mutron Phasers on basically every Ween album. It was the only logical solution Enclosure etched with caustic soda. Controls are Razorblades, Speed and the Wandering Eye.
  19. Nostradoomus

    Muroidea + MAE Akron Rubber Fire

    I’m building these as a tribute to my friend/old band mate who sadly passed away in October at age 30. His favourite distortion was a Turbo Rat and he really had bad luck when it came to blowing speakers so I tacked an MAE Akron Rubber Fire (eqd speaker cranker and black eye in one) on the end...
  20. Nostradoomus


    Had no idea what to do for a graphic, so I said fuck it and just used my avatar. :LOL: This pedal is insanely fun, throw a short delay after it!