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    Mirror Kliche

    This is the build that resulted from my stupid idea of breadboarding a Klon, which ended up being not so stupid after all, as I was able to get it to sound close to a KTR I had the opportunity to A/B this against. The breadboard experiment led me to choose a pair of 1N34A diodes made by ERIE I...
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    Another Paragon

    I've been meaning to try this for a while, so I finally got around to it: another Paragon build, this time without the charge pump and using carbon comp resistors in the signal path like the original. I had some of those Panasonic film caps at hand, so I threw those in there too. 1S1588 and...
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    Breadboarding a Klon

    For some reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to breadboard a Klon. I'm taking it easy, but the first milestone was hit today, the power supply: There's some cleaning up to be done, and I'm sure the layout will change as I go along, but I get all 4 reference voltages out of it, so success...
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    XC Phase

    Just finished the XC Phase. Enclosure is temporary (bare 125B), I might do an UV print for it if I can find the time. Tried a couple of JFET sets I matched myself. First some 2N5457s, perfectly matched, but mostly out of specs, very low Vgs(off), but they didn't sound very good. Then I tried a...
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    Another DuoCast

    Wrapped this one up last night. Built it for a close friend because I think he needs one, even though he doesn't know it yet. :ROFLMAO: I decided to leave off the charge pump and build it like the original. All the relevant caps are rated 35V or higher, so it could be run at higher voltages...
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    Chop Shop (Barbershop)

    One more build that had been sitting in the queue for far too long and I finally wrapped it up tonight: the Chop Shop. Sounds great! I tend to like discrete overdrives more than opamp-based ones, and this one confirms it. Went with another Gørva enclosure, but decided to use a bare one to sort...
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    Tommy III (Timmy v3)

    One more that's been sitting in the queue for quite a while: the Tommy III. Sounds absolutely fantastic! Had this one UV printed on an army green enclosure with Tayda a while back, I think it looks cool.
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    Carbon Black (EQD Black Ash)

    Had some free time last light and finally put this one together. Decided to go with carbon comp just because that's the original uses. Minimalist black on black look, no artwork, black wires to go with it. I actually think it looks pretty cool this way! Sounds really good, and it's surprisingly...
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    1P2T mini slide switch (Tommy III)

    Does anyone know where I could source a mini 1P2T slide switch in the US? Similar to this one from Tayda: It's for a Tommy III build. I bought 5 of those from Tayda months ago, but I can't find them anywhere...
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    Clandestine Preamp

    I've been busy with a whole bunch of other stuff, so not building many pedals, but here's a super fun project: the Clandestine Preamp (Chase Tone Secret Preamp). I was thinking about buying this one for a while, and I ended up getting one about a month or so ago. Opened it up, it looked pretty...
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    A couple of Muff-style builds

    I haven't posted any finished builds in a while (mostly because I've been too busy breadboarding), but here are a couple of Muff-style pedals I built for a friend who is crazy about them. First is a stock OpAmp Muff (Dream Fuzz) on a Tayda Copper Hammer enclosure: Next is a Muffin Fuzz...
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    Low Tide

    By far the most challenging build I've encountered so far. But you know what, it fired right up! What a fun pedal. I don't use a lot of modulation tipically, and if I'd have something on my board, this probably wouldn't be it. But I really like having something like that available for...
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    Heat gun recommendation?

    Does anyone have recommendations for a decent heat gun? I should've bought one months ago. Thanks!
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    Informant (DRV)

    While I wait for a couple of parts to finish my Low Tide build, I decided to finally build the Informant. I've had the board for a while, and the Tayda UV printed enclosure arrived over a month ago. I really like the graphics on the original, so like a lot of people here, I decided to stay...
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    TearJerker Wah on a Cry Baby shell

    As I hinted at here, I bought a cheap stock '90s Cry Baby recently and was experimenting with some mods. I started with the basics, like trying out different inductors, different values for the Q resistor, etc. My original idea was to actually do the mods on the stock PCB, but it's not a great...
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    Another Duocast (Boardcats) build

    After figuring out I had a weird pinout for my BC549C on my first Duocast build, and learning that the newest revision of the board had the pots placed further apart from each other and would allow me to use the Neve-style knobs I bought for the first build, I decided to build another one. I...
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    DuoCast vs a real Broadcast

    A while back I built a DuoCast that didn't sound at all close to the Broadcast demos I'd seen. I tried a whole bunch of different germanium transistors, and they made some difference, but overall the pedal was lacking something. So I bit the bullet and got myself a real Hudson Broadcast Dual...
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    OC44 Rangemaster

    Not a PedalPCB build, but I figured I should post it anyway. I've been obsessed with treble boosters for the past few months. After some searching, I found this Mullard OC44 transistor that tested somewhat low for the recommended hFE levels for a treble booster, but I tested it anyway and LOVED...
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    Hydra Delay

    I've been meaning to build this one for the longest time, and I finally got around to doing it. It sounds beautiful! The faceplate makes it look very professional (much, much better than my first decals). Got it with the FV-1 presoldered, very handy!
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    Plexi (Covert)

    This one's been ready for a few days, but the UV printed enclosure finally made it today from Tayda. This thing is a beast! I went for the obvious and classic design, I wanted something simple for my first UV print, but I really like how it turned out: I'd like to thank @SYLV9ST9R for all...