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    Diodes for Stringer Overdrive

    Any suggestions for the unlabeled diodes on the Stringer Overdrive?
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    New knobs

    Got around to putting knobs on some pedals. Top Row (left - right) Panama Drive, General Tso's Compressor, Nucleus Overdrive, AionFX Nexus (Manx Laoghtan), Pro-10 Blue Overdrive, Wonder Drive. Middle Row (left - right) LectricFX Downtown Fuzz / Octaver, Complex Overdrive, Seyfoam Overdrive, Van...
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    Compressor example

    I posted some code for a compressor using the module in the DaisySP library. I don't know much about digital compressors (or compressors for that matter). I've built 5 analog ones but I only like a little bit of compression. Autogain seems a little loud. I've had a migraine for the last 3...
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    MultiDelay effect

    I've been porting the MultiDelay example from the Daisy Examples. It's kind of turned into a mix of the Petal and Patch examples. Not 100% happy with it, yet. I will probably tweak the approach, a bit. I can't help myself. FYI, I'm only developing on the Linux platform, should be easy to...
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    Sometimes when I'm tired I think that my handwriting is all that. Oh well. It more than makes up for with the sound. It's an Lectric-fx Dandy Horse. I calibrated it with an oscilloscope and couldn't be happier with the sound. For some reason, every one that plays it can't help but play a...
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    A few builds

    Really nice pedal and super simple. Really nice compressor - not a big Cornish fan but really like this (OC-1) and the SS3. Dan Coggins nailed this. The OTC-201 is awesome and easy to use. Another really nice pedal. Very versatile. Does the classic rock and high Gain stuff. Cleans...
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    Jumbo Tonebender

    Somebody was asking about a Jumbo Tonebender on a Muffin Fuzz pcb. A JTB is a must have in my opinion. Ha. A beginner mistake: putting the labels where I can't see them.
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    Dirt boxes

    Okko Dominator Amptweaker Tight Rock Amptweaker Tight Metal (These two could probably use the same board) Bogner La Grange