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  1. Kroars

    End All Red seems very timid

    I’ve got hundreds of smd 5457’s, 201’s and others from reputable sources, just had a real hard time finding any 5484’s. Would the fact that they biased to the recommended voltage easily point to the SMD’s being good? Curious if anyone else has built one, I’d imagine unity volume would be around...
  2. Kroars

    End All Red seems very timid

    Built a couple of these, all controls seem to work fine; although both just sound like they’re not quite what they could be. Unity volume is closer to 2:30-3:00 on both, seems very timid and in major need of some oomph. Now, I will say I got my mmbf5484’s from eBay and these are the first two...
  3. Kroars

    Foxx Tone Machine

    Right. Thank you good sir! :)
  4. Kroars

    Foxx Tone Machine

    Looks awesome! Anyone know which two diodes are responsible for the octave? Is it D1 & D4? Looks like D2 & D3 go straight to ground (assuming those are the clipping diodes).
  5. Kroars

    Friendly heads up: 2M Linear back in stock @ Tayda

    Not sure if anyone was waiting for these:
  6. Kroars

    Gravitation Reverb

    Same. Doesn’t seem to do much.
  7. Kroars

    Metal Can LM308H $5.25 a piece if you order 5+

    Where you from? I paid $10
  8. Kroars

    Metal Can LM308H $5.25 a piece if you order 5+

    Appreciate the heads up. Figured I’d give em a shot and keep a few on hand for a rainy day. Here’s a link to the same shop with the LM308AH. Looks like they’re around $16 a piece, but your fourth is $12. Thanks again for the info!
  9. Kroars

    Metal Can LM308H $5.25 a piece if you order 5+

    Just happened across this while looking for a handful of the old school metal can LM308H (mojo and all). Legit site, I’ve ordered from them a few times before and quick shipping. Looks like there are over 150 available. I ordered a few and figured a few of you might want to as well. Best to...
  10. Kroars

    Smallbear is back up! - sorry if this has been posted already

    It’s like seeing a great friend for the first time in years!! Thanks!!
  11. Kroars

    Wanted - Rare Mojo Parts - Will Trade

    Yeah, unfortunately all mine were either out of Russia or the Ukraine. Russia all sanctioned out right now and Ukraine, well…. May be awhile before they’re up and running again. Are there any values you need right now? Slide into my DM’s (is that what the kids say, or did I just accidentally...
  12. Kroars

    Why paragon is not in stock? Waiting list?

    Right on. I’m finally about to build a couple, and was doing my traditional forum read through when I came across your post. Glad you got one!
  13. Kroars

    Why paragon is not in stock? Waiting list?

    Please tell me the man got his Paragon??!!
  14. Kroars

    Voltage switch for Paragon

    This is great! I wonder why PedalPCB decided to throw in a charge pump without giving an option for switching back and forth from 9v-18v. Reading through the forums it seems like half the folks who built the board love 9v in that circuit, but think 18v sounds like garbage. Then, of course...
  15. Kroars

    Poptop Boost

    Beautiful, thank you Chuck!!
  16. Kroars

    Poptop Boost

    About to build a couple of these. Haven’t found any mention of hfe for the 2n708’s. Does anyone know if it requires specific hfe? Thanks!
  17. Kroars

    Hydra progress

    Just built a couple of those, they are indeed a ton of fun to play with!
  18. Kroars

    Snuffy Fuzz

    Built a couple of these using 3904’s in the 280 range and it didn’t have that gated feel the Mammoth has. After some reading I found in a few forums that the circuit tends to prefer 3904’s in the 200 range. Fortunately I socketed, so I pulled the 280’s out and put in ones at 204 & 209 and it...
  19. Kroars

    PCBGuitarmania Ultimate Pharaoh

    Finally building a couple of these. How in the hell did you fit that in a 1590bb especially with the big ol’ 1p12t? I’ve got a couple drilled and as I’m putting the pots in I’m thinking, shit my electrolytics are at least an 1/8th inch above the cover….. May have to lay those two down and put...
  20. Kroars


    The bc549b’s I have are between 300-500 and the 2n3565’s are around 120-450 if I remember correctly.