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  1. DigitalZombie

    SOLVED Found issue with Crunch Captain Deluxe

    Finally got around to this one after having the PCB since last July. I try to breadboard everything first to see if there's any mods I'd like to do before involving any solder. I couldn't get it to work properly, dealing with terrible misbiasing issues. Right away I could see where I was...
  2. DigitalZombie

    SOLVED Thumbsucker - audio signal dead at D2 (user error)

    I get next to nothing at the output unless I turn the Ratio to minimum. When I start to turn it up it abruptly cuts off to (almost) dead and I have to turn the level up all the way to hear anything at all. I started probing and the signal dies at the anode of D2. I checked continuity and...
  3. DigitalZombie

    Carcass / Carcosa insane octave up

    I haven't seen anyone else post about it but does anyone else get really REALLY pronounced octave up on their Carcass build? I don't just mean when you've got the controls boosted, I mean ALL the time. It similar to running a Green Ringer in front of it. I kept watching video demos online but...
  4. DigitalZombie

    Dual Gang Pot too tall!

    Hey y'all. This is my first build using a PCB mounted dual gang pot. It clearly is at least a couple mm taller than the rest of the pots. Of course I didn't realize this until after I'd soldered everything in. How do you typically deal with this kind of issue? This is a Photon Vibe, btw.
  5. DigitalZombie

    Voltage getting grounded somehow?

    I'm working on the Squidward board, but I'm using the Parentheses values and connecting to a Buff n Blend circuit to basically have a standalone octave section. Unfortunately something on the Squidward board is causing the voltage to short out. Not only that but whatever it is freaks out my...
  6. DigitalZombie

    Squidward Mod/Help

    I have a Squidward PCB that I was about to populate, but I was going to try it using the values of the octave section from the Parentheses. I got some Ge diodes from Small Bear and in the tiny batch I ordered I found one matching pair at 270mV. The only thing I used differently from the...