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  1. DGWVI

    Copilot Autodialer

    Gives you an envelope input to replace your expression pedal. Pretty nifty, but rather hard to come by. I do have one I'd be able to trace or would be willing to send in for a trace
  2. DGWVI

    Moog MF107 FreqBox

    Not entirely sure how intense this is circuit-wise, but I love the sounds it's capable of. And, it really doesn't have any competition
  3. DGWVI

    Mid-Fi For Parts or Repair

    Just found out about this one today. Sounds awesome, and has a simple control layout. The sop could use more glitch
  4. DGWVI

    PSA - Mini Heterodyne Receiver

    So, I just finished one of these today, and Mode 4 on the Oscillator rotary was just whistling- no response to any notes or twiddling. There was a micro fissure between the relevant switch pad the the trace leading to pin 10 of IC8. I checked the other board I had on hand for continuity, and it...
  5. DGWVI

    Parasit Theremin and Multiwave

  6. DGWVI

    Way Huge Atreides

    Just stumbled across clips of this relatively new release from Way Huge. I'm a sucker for synthy sounds, and would love to see this in the shop
  7. DGWVI

    lamestain v2.0 (2x Muroidea / Dream Fuzz)

    Just finished this one today. Starts with a Simple JFET Buffer into an LM301 equipped Muroidea tuned for low gain, with a Nanolog N3 for clipping. Next, is mostly stock Muroidea, also rocking the N3 and running with a UA308. Finally, a Dream fuzz with a few tweaks to get even more fuzz...
  8. DGWVI

    Mesmerizer not uhhh.. Mesmerizing

    So, just built this up. I'm getting modulation. But I'm not getting any of the lower undulations. The high band works just fine. Detailed voltages forthcoming, but I'm getting 1.26 on pins 1 and 2 of q5 an q6. Only substitutions are j201s in place of the 2n5457s
  9. DGWVI

    Fairfield Randy's Revenge

    It's ben mentioned in other threads, so I figured I'd give it it's own.
  10. DGWVI

    Biggus Synthus (Trembling Loon, HAARP, Dark Rift and others)

    kit-bashed guitar synth thing. This one splits at the input into two separate PLL circuits (Parasit 0415 & Raygun Youth), a Robot clone, and a JFET clean boost so these are all running parallel. The output of this goes into an Haarp (Arpanoid) with adjustable clock. Next is a Trembling Loon...
  11. DGWVI

    Bit Minnow, Captain of the Dark Rift (or, whateva)

    This one's fairly straight forward. Captain Bit > Minnow > Dark Rift, all with a few mods. The Captain bit has been modded with a 2KB pot between the C2 and Pin 1 of the 386. I've also hacked in one of the Tone Control boards between C5 and Pin 6 of the Transformer, built to modified Foxx tone...
  12. DGWVI

    Kit-bashed Lo-Fi Guitar Synth (sorta in progress)

    BYOC boards I got at some point, decided to finally use 'em. Mu-Tron Octave Divider w/ mods -> Envelope Filter / fixed wah w/ Expression Pedal input ->Octavia... I apparently swapped the pots for Level and Intensity on the Octavia while boxing, so I'll have to pop that out and correct. Also...
  13. DGWVI

    Dirty Sanchez (Old Revision)

    Would anyone happen to have the build doc for the last revision of the Dirty Sanchez? Thanks in advance
  14. DGWVI

    Roboto Vibrato and... errr... Robot?

    So, I'm playing around with the Roboto board right now. I've added momentary stomps to access the vibrato on pin 15 and robot on pin 18. The vibrato works and is quite nasty, but the robot mode doesn't seem to do anything. Just wondering if anyone has any insight? I've got another similar...
  15. DGWVI

    FV1 Whammy

    I'd like to see an FV1 Whammy in a CryBaby form factor
  16. DGWVI

    Envelope Filters

    I've been on a huge envelope filter kick lately. Heres some I'd love to see PedalPCB offer Snow White Auto Wah BassBalls MXR Envelope Filter I'd also love to see an envelope-contolled version of the Pro-Filter
  17. DGWVI

    FV1 Envelope Filters

    I'd think you could make some sweet and unique auto-wah, envelope filters, and triggered filters for this platform. I'd try to make my own, but have yet to procure the FV1 Dev board
  18. DGWVI

    VFE 5:00 Fuzz IC

    Recently found out that Peter did in fact work up his own version of the op-amp Big Muff, and if it's anything like his other circuits, I'm sure it'll be a hit. Haven't found a schematic for this one online, but I am working on drawing one up based on the stripboard layout and an Eagle file I've...
  19. DGWVI

    Catalinbread Heliotrope

    How about Catalinbread's take on the Experimentalists Anonymous "Analog Bit Crusher"? I've built both Parasit Studio versions, and the board offered by Fuzzdog, but more knobs has got to be more bettered, right?
  20. DGWVI

    4046 Synth Demonstrator

    Was looking for circuits to use my supply of CD40XX chips in, and came across this. Sounds pretty gnarly, and different enough to the Heterodyne Receiver and Parasit Studio's stuff, that I feel a PCB could be warranted. I'd definitely build a few (at least). 8 knobs, 3 toggles, and a rotary...