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    Mach 1 Builds

    I own an actual Greer Lightspeed (my favorite pedal) and made a Mach 1 for a buddy. He then had me make one for another of his friends as a gift. They’re fairly quick and simple builds, but they sound great.
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    Troubleshooting Glory Hole

    It's all together, but it's my first build (of relatively few) that hasn't worked right out of the gates. I had dry signal when bypassed. No sound when engaged No LED I switched the LED leads, so the red wire goes to A and black to K, even though I had it red to square pad and black to circle...
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    Solder pad holes don't fit pins

    So the holes through the solder pads for solder pin pots don't fit the pins when coming through the back. The pins can sit inside it if the pot sits on the component side. Are the holes meant to be beveled or were they not drilled through all the way? If that's the case, should I try drilling...
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    Learning resources

    As a "cultured novice" but willing learner, can anyone recommend any resources for understanding electronics of acoustic signal processing? I can build with a PCB ("solder by numbers"), but I'd be interested in a book or site that explains how each component affects the sound. More than just...
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    Prewired LED with resistor in Glory Hole

    I have a pre-wired LED with resister from LoveMySwitches that I was going to use with the Glory Hole PCB. ( Should I remove a resistor from the original plans so that there's enough voltage reaching the LED or should I...