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  1. Likez2Jam

    Making a sum-Amp/ Ybox (Wyebox)

    Hey all I found a great project on Instructables. for a sum amp. Only issue is it uses stereo jacks and I only have mono on hand. Anyone know off hand how I would have to accommodate for the ring part of the stereo jack circuit? Not sure what ring would be analogous to? Is the ring a hot or...
  2. Likez2Jam

    JRC 4580D Uses.

    So I I have a lot of these IC's. I thought the sale was individual IC's, but they were packs of 10. I always buy double what I need (paragon needed 2, so I got four). I now have 40 of these things. Are they good for other applications besides dirt pedals or am I just stocked for overdrives for...
  3. Likez2Jam

    Auditorium testing platform....Am I doing this right?

    So at this point I'm not sure if I am connecting wires correctly as things aren't labeled on the pcb as the auditorium (pics below). especially with the switch wiring as the pcb is numbered, no sw/gr/in/out on this Kliche drive. What I know: 1. when the auditorium is not plugged into power the...
  4. Likez2Jam

    Getting Solder out of pcb holes

    Welp fellas. The noobie made his first real f*** up today. I read somewhere that if you're putting in diodes you should use a socket, because the heat could damage them. Well the particular diodes (1N4001 Rectifier diode) going into my first kliche drive build didn't fit inside the sockets(now I...
  5. Likez2Jam

    ADHD-Resistor amounts

    Hi all I was just wondering, I can't find 510k 1/4w resistors. 511 is close. Can I put those in place and have a functioning pedal? I know technically any changed value will effect the signal (even if only imperceptibly), but I'm not gonna fry anything will I?