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  1. megatrav

    250 Distortion op amp options

    I haven't been able to track down either an LM741 or LF351N from the places I normally buy from. Has anyone tried anything else? Or know if a good place to get them? Thanks!
  2. megatrav

    Tayda drill coordinates for Kliche?

    Just wondering if anyone has the Kliche mapped out for the Tayda drilling service in a 1590BB/1590BB2 enclosure?
  3. megatrav

    Lovepedal Hi Volt

    This one would be fun
  4. megatrav

    Luxury 763 gain question

    After doing some reading on this one, I see that it is basically a Timmy with a few value changes. It is also basically the same as the Lovepedal OD11 and Amp11 (minus the boost). Anyway, a few years ago I played the Lovepedal brownface Deluxe (white enclosure, 4 knobs) and it was much lower...
  5. megatrav

    Blues Breakers and Glory Holes and Paupers.. oh my!

    Okay, so I was recently looking into building a blues breaker inspired circuit. I have owned a couple and all have been a little different. I currently have a Nux Morning Star which is suppose to be a JHS Morning Glory and in the past I have owned a Snouse Blackbox v1. Upon doing some research...
  6. megatrav

    So, someone gave me a malfunctioning RAT 2

    They told me I can keep it and fix it and mod it. So, I plugged it in to see what was happening. The LED comes on and there is sound. It is very very low in volume and the volume pot doesn't appear to have any affect. The distortion and filer controls seem to work. I am wondering if this would...
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    This is a hype word that is thrown around a lot when it comes to describing a pedal. I myself, am a man of science. So, has anyone found an overdrive, distortion, or preamp pedal that works we'll directly into a power amp (effects loop return or stand alone power amp)? I understand that...
  8. megatrav

    Golden Fleece

    I put this on the old wish list. Would like to build!
  9. megatrav

    Can't remove back of enclosure?

    I built a Timmy/Tommy for a buddy of mine and its having some intermittent issues. He gave it back to me and I cannot get the back to come off of it! Anyone have any tips that would help and also not have me destroy the back of the enclosure?
  10. megatrav

    Guitar wiring question

    So, I've had my Fender Duo Sonic HS for a few years now. It's my main guitar. I'm going to be doing some small upgrades to it (new nut, saddles, pickguard, and wiring harness). I have the original wiring diagram but there are a couple of mods that I want to do: A treble bleed and the PRS coil...
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  12. megatrav


    This one is from Effects Layouts. They have the relay built into the board. It was pretty fun to do. I got the Tayda drill temp wrong and had to drill alternatives for the in and out jacks. Worked out!
  13. megatrav

    Light Land (Effects Layout Lightspeed/Southland)

    I got this board from Effects Layouts and built it to Lightspeed specs and crammed it into a 1590B enclosure.
  14. megatrav

    Sea Lion (Walrus Deep Six Compressor)

    This one gave me some issues and the board isn't as neat as I would like but it turned out pretty okay overall. The charge pump board was weird too but @PedalPCB was a true bro and set me correct. Now let's hope I can sell it 😬
  15. megatrav

    This but without footswitches...

    Does any one have a layout that would work for this? I don't need footswitches or LEDs. Just set to the Y setting? ABY Looper
  16. megatrav

    Lightspeed (Mach1/Light Land) squealing at Highest gain setting

    Hey all, Has anyone built one of these and experienced a high pitched squeal with the gain turned all the way up? I build the Effects Layout version. Which has the option to build the Lightspeed or Southland. The only thing I can think of is I opted to omit D6 and D7 so that per the...
  17. megatrav

    SOLVED Effects Layouts Tracksuit DRV- no audio

    Hey folks, I've been having a streak of bad luck with builds lately. This is number 3 in a row that isn't working. This is the Tracksuit by Effects Layouts. It's their take on the DRV. It includes the relay bypass and buffer. I am getting no audio when engaged or bypassed. The relay is...
  18. megatrav

    Klon/Kliche diodes

    I know there are tons of options for diodes that work well with this circuit. When I built my first Klone I ordered some of these 1N34A I haven't seen people using them much so I assume they are different than the ones used in the real pedal. Can anyone explain the difference? I know that...
  19. megatrav

    Sea Lion Comp (Guitar pcb mania) LED staying on

    I posted about this build in another thread related to wiring a charge pump board. Pedalpcb gave me the test method and when I remove the SW wire, the LED remains lit. I checked all of my connections and reflowed just about every joint and it did not fix the problem. I am assuming its something...
  20. megatrav

    Lemon Rockerverb- no sound when engaged

    I've been working on this build from guitar pcb mania. I have bypassed sound. No sound when engaged but I do have an LED. I took some shots of the board and I can't spot any bad connections so I think I might have the switch Ground and Control backwards. The PCB only says CNTRL. I haven't...