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    pt2399 use ?

    Do any of the PPcb projects use a PT2399 ? - just curious - and if not, why ?
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    CDXL test … and a question for anyone building it -

    I put a red led in place of the vactrol to see how sensitive the input is on the CDXL circuit. Well, the answer seems to be "zero" - no LED flashes at all. The LED dimmed with the "range" knob, but never flashed. I removed the 4.7 uF cap from the board, and measured - pin one of the tl072 is...
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    Arachnid 2019 Board, "using all 16 effects" mod

    So I'm sure it's been discussed somewhere, that pin 13 of the FV-1 chip can be grounded to use the 8 internal programs on the FV-1. I'm sure folks here have added a toggle switch to ground for switching "banks" of eeprom using this pin 13 trick. So, the MOD I'm actually bringing up is …. that...
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    Two-Speed Rotary Speaker (Leslie-style) sounds ?

    Thinking of the Organ Donor pedal. I built it, I love it, but I would love it more if I could run it into a rotary speaker sim with 2 speeds on a stomp switch. I'd guess that other keyboard players would also be interested ?