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  1. Mentaltossflycoon

    Moonn Space Is Fun, Sojus31 and more freebies.

    I've mentioned my disdain for reverb on bass but I do enjoy it otherwise. I hadn't built a belton brick circuit yet and thought this one was interesting. Dirty lofi verb sounded at least weird enough to try. I like it quite a bit, especially messing with the feedback momentary. Noisy good...
  2. Mentaltossflycoon

    Moonn Barks

    Another freebie board, this time it's their version of the bellows. Much like the priestess I posted yesterday, I wasn't really familiar before building it. I like it enough to box up but not something that'll see any stage time. Not particularly good on bass for me. It has a raggedness to it...
  3. Mentaltossflycoon


    I kept it extra simple here since I know this will only be a studio lurking oddity. It sounds awesome but it's not gonna be a "go to" compared to most of my other fuzzes. Nice n crispy with my tele but nobody will be surprised to hear I wasn't thrilled with it on bass. Fun quick and easy.
  4. Mentaltossflycoon

    ROG ginger

    I've been building a selection of preamps to put into a headphone practice rig. This one lost out to the softii so I boxed it up. The biggest reason I went with the softii is that the cleaner side of the gain knob sounds more like my rig. I actually very much enjoy the dirt the ginger provides...
  5. Mentaltossflycoon

    Sandspear and moonn priestess

    So I've not done very many of "the classics" since I'm mostly focused on circuits to use on bass. Lots of bmp and variants that are so far from their topology that i don't think they count. Titania2 was my first realish "bender" and this is my first "face" type. The whole volume knob cleanup...
  6. Mentaltossflycoon


    You guys know what's up here, bassballs with a bit more control which is a huge improvement. I considered putting the distortion on a footswitch but forgot about it until just now. Kiiind of annoyed about it actually. Anyway, this one's a great cure for boredom and worth the effort even if you...
  7. Mentaltossflycoon


    So here I come again with a build report disclaimer: I didn't post this here with the intent to offend you. If you find atheist pro lgbtq+ content offensive move along. I have a non binary friend in the film industry, makeup artist, who defaces goodwill donated religious art. The pieces...
  8. Mentaltossflycoon

    Knob jawn knob

    Anyone know where to get this knob? Or something similarly ridiculous?
  9. Mentaltossflycoon

    Envelopequest (flyleaf, junk trunk w/ gas tank)

    Trigger warning. This is a tale of excess, indecision, and ends in one of the ugliest interiors I've ever posted here. So lately I've been focused on envelope filters which is an effect I've historically not jived with. Mostly not stoked on the slappy funk thing that is often how it's used...
  10. Mentaltossflycoon


    I have no experience with the IVP. Not an Albini super fan or anything just thought it sounded interesting. I was quite correct, it's very interesting. It doesn't sound like anything else I've ever plugged into. As the internet indicated t's a fantastic stacking dirt and it has enough low end to...
  11. Mentaltossflycoon


    Sometimes you go back to the beginning. Wooly (mbp sabertooth) was my first few builds but this layout is so clean I wanted one that didn't look like absolute shit inside. Just a little, lol. Sounds awesome as expected. I found this elephant punch which has now been struck 13 times and will...
  12. Mentaltossflycoon


    I ordered this a while back mostly because spaceman is in Portland and had a bunch of 2n2222a laying around. I was mostly underwhelmed after some transistor swapping, I thought it was an ok fuzz but maybe not my jam. Mild to medium. Didn't box it for months but I recently picked up some of the...
  13. Mentaltossflycoon

    Mission expressionator

    Didn't know this existed until jeffwhitfield posted his pedalboard. So my expression pedal fantasy post last week was basically this housed inside a crybaby with only 3 jacks. Might as well put it on the wish list too, right...
  14. Mentaltossflycoon

    Wonky expression pedal fantasy

    I was looking into expression controllers to do multiple effects like the ehx double. The mission ep-25 pro aero does 3 at once which is very cool. What i'd like to be able to do is cycle with relays through having it control all 3 or one at a time while the others stay fixed. In a crybaby...
  15. Mentaltossflycoon


    I threw together a mantle for a buddy. He loves Zep, I love glitchy ass synth octaves. It just made sense. Sounds just as great and unusable as I expected. As I so often do, I put another Max Ernst collage on the box.
  16. Mentaltossflycoon

    Moonn Lo-Fran (Pedals for Ukraine)

    So here we have my favorite bass fuzz right now. Moonn's take on the Frantone Lo-tone Classic Fuzz. I have been sitting on this project unhoused for a few months while I decide on what to do with it aesthetically. When I was deciding what to contribute to the auction, with the pcbs I had in...
  17. Mentaltossflycoon

    0 ohms resistor

    So I was wondering this myself as I came across these in an old multipack a while ago but a friend just snapped a pic of some he found and was is this? Are these not just a bit of wire?
  18. Mentaltossflycoon

    Pitch Witch

    Grabbed this on a whim because I had a few extra pt2399 laying around. Very interesting delay. I have far more delay pedals than a bassist should be messing with but this circuit holds up among them in its own screwball way. I'm very happy with how this turned out. The graphic is yet again, a...
  19. Mentaltossflycoon

    Fuzzy Fox

    Bugg can go ahead and thank jjjimi84 for my purchase of this board. I was already looking in to octave fuzzes having built a brassmaster and a vintage fuzz master and that video really grabbed my attention. While both of those I've already made are cool, I needed more. This thing certainly...
  20. Mentaltossflycoon

    Madbean Glitchee

    I'm a big fan of the bit commander type octave and this is in that family. Though I have an arcadiator on my board, the glitchee is different enough that it doesn't feel completely redundant. There is no octave up, just the fuzz unison, octave down, and 2 octave down voices with an envelope...