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    Golden Falk

    Puns are considered the lowest form of humor...which puts them squarely in my wheelhouse :) Columbo---Peter Falk...get it?? If not, you're not old like me. I bought this board simply because of the name and I'm glad I did. I've built a gajillion Marshall in a box pedals and this is one of the...
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    VIIB Vibrato

    Here I go again. Pre-posting a build. Eh, not a bad thing, even if it feels a bit sneaky. This one is going well, despite thinking I had the right headers and sockets only to discover I didn't. This is a multi-stage board that is fascinating in how it goes together. Anyone that's built one...
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    Figured I'd pre-start this one. Board is pop'd, chassis is drilled and filed (square cut is about 10 minutes with a few drill holes and a bit of filing). I lucked out on finding C-dual pots, and I'm using the toggle shown in the original post. Just need to hit Hobby Lobby or a similar shop...
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    Dual gang pot shields

    This totally rips off PedalPCB but he got me thinking about pot shields and I have a laser and... So I did this dead simple cut on transparency stock. Fits over the back of the pot and I crazy glue it in place so I can solder it without mucking around too much. Lasers don't cut clear (shiny)...
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    Electrovibe Parts list

    Here's my preliminary list:
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    Delegate - Boneyard Edition

    Well, if this comp is rated for subtlety, with 0 being subtle, and 10 being a DynaComp this thing is about a -2. What's really nice about it is that while most comps (especially non-optical) sound great at bedroom levels they get thin and squashed at live volumes. This thing sounds really nice...
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    Is any place stocking the MC3317B?

    I'm not finding any place that carries the chip. Is there a substitute or is it pretty much a run of the mill dual op-amp?
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    Rangemaster project

    Good call on this one. Everyone should have a Rangemaster/Red Rooster/Brian May/Naga Viper in their arsenal. Hit up Smallbear for a nice selection of Germaniums. One way ticket to Rory Gallagher.
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    You can thank me for Conquerer and Tantric becoming available

    I've been keeping an eye on those boards but wanted a handful of relay bypasses. Of course I knew full well that 5 minutes after I finished with Paypal the boards would become available... First-world-gear-horder problems :cool:
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    The Compulator has been on my bucket list for ages so I finally did it with the excellent Constrictor board. Two things moved me to build this in a 1590B enclosure: I had a 1590B I didn't have a 125B I rounded up the right vactrol on the 'Bay and this one went together without a hitch. I'm...
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    Malificent Mids with relay bypass

    Just wrapped up the Malificent Mids with relay bypass. I really like both and the Mids pedal is a bit of a sleeper. Nothing out of the ordinary here but I stole the header pin idea for joining the two boards. The relay is totally silent and the latching/momentary feature is very slick.
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    VHS - too much chorus

    Getting a bit too much seasick wobble on the chorus setting. Any fix for this?
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    Ummm, never realized there was a forum here.

    Geez. I've been hanging around here since day 0 and never bothered to notice there's a real forum here. Duh. Anyway hi to everyone.