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  1. duffy_lane

    Hydra Modifications Thread

    I'll be adding a clock module with an external B10k pot and a faceplate from AmplifyFUN with an extra hole for that knob once the pcb comes in. Probably toss some black switch caps on for visual #toan 😤
  2. duffy_lane

    Pure Data / Pd

    @justin23000 it looks like you haven't installed python & pip on your computer
  3. duffy_lane

    Suggestions for Soldering an FV-1 Chip

    yeah everything @SYLV9ST9R recommended, especially taking your time! Send it on a first try Friday, I think the fv1 chips are pretty strong if I haven't burned one yet Tack and reflow the opposite corners and you're good. I personally wouldn't reccomend drag soldering, maybe I'm missing...
  4. duffy_lane

    finding FV-1 chip?

    Any ideas on the difference in complexity for FXCore vs. SHARC? The barrier to entry for FXCore seems a little steep for what it's capable of, like, external DACs, another dialect of assembly, limited resources & support. I'm wondering if it'd be worth investing extra effort for SHARC upfront?
  5. duffy_lane

    This Week on the Breadboard: The 'lectric Mama Flanger

    Seemingly legendary resources by Dr. Middlebrook if anyone else is interested. Have me questioning if I actually know how to read 😅
  6. duffy_lane

    Spatialist with Clock Module?

    Has anyone done this? Getting started on this build trying to decide if using the clock module would be a good idea. Only concerned that the pitch verb program might never be in key bc I'm going to use an external B10k pot. Guess I could overwrite that one with something else if it doesn't work...
  7. duffy_lane

    LM258P Despair

    Getting desperate to finish this Low Tide 😁 Didn't realize the smd LM258PT was gonna be so small. Glad I got 2 as I ripped one of the legs off the first one trying to stretch em out to fit the adapter board. Lots of solder bc the legs just couldn't reach
  8. duffy_lane

    Double FV-1 Reverb

    I feel you on film caps but never thought to mount them on the back!! 🤯👌
  9. duffy_lane

    How exactly does this work?

    @NickC haha I've been waiting to encounter a smd eeprom I wanna study. No idea if this would work but allow me to expose my ignorance. 1. insert double pin headers into a spare 8pin ic socket 2. attach aligator clips to ic socket legs 3. insert double pin headers into FV1 dev board eeprom socket...
  10. duffy_lane

    What is the grimiest grossest most over the top fuzz/distortion

    stacking fuzzlord & doesitdoom pedals seems to provide some over the top fuzz/distortion 😁
  11. duffy_lane


    lookin good! Waiting on parts for mine. Trying to think of a way to attach some strip for terminal blocks + headers on the side maybe maybe
  12. duffy_lane

    Mouser Project Lists [Suggestion]

    @PedalPCB if we could talk about your process for putting together build docs, I could write a program that generates the parts list page with a section of grouped parts. I assume the program you're using to design PCBs is spitting out the current parts list? I could then write something...
  13. duffy_lane

    Fv-1 clock modulation— good idea; bad idea; both?

    @Bricksnbeatles could you please share a pic of how you set this up when you do it? The ability to switch is an awesome idea. I'm trying to make something similar to the micro looper side of the cba mood and have been wondering if I can just solder a regular pot to where the trimpot would go on...
  14. duffy_lane

    Fv-1 clock modulation— good idea; bad idea; both?

    Modulated version of clock module pleaseeee! would be so sick for the dev board
  15. duffy_lane

    6-Band EQ (Potentiometer Version) center detent pots

    Guess I'll start with a sanity check: The center is 0hz (no change in eq) for the potentiometer version correct? Has anyone done this build with center detent pots? If so which ones did y'all use? Having trouble finding B50K pcb mount versions. Alpha seems to have the option but I'm having...
  16. duffy_lane

    Dark Theme?

    I use this on all my computers
  17. duffy_lane

    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe Build

    where did you find the AC128's?
  18. duffy_lane

    Sourcing a CH341A

    yeah an eta on the CH341A would be amazing, I've been dreaming about the fv1 dev platform.
  19. duffy_lane

    First Time Building (Informant Overdrive) - Which Specific Cap, IC Types? (Tayda)

    AD712 IC at Mouser 1N34A diode at pedalhacker ^ is another wonderful source Have fun!
  20. duffy_lane

    Quick Tayda UV Printing Tip

    any tips on spacing of control labels? (knob labels for: level, drive, bass, treble, etc) Also, do you just overlay the drill template from PedalPCB build docs onto Taydas illustrator enclosure templates to get a feel for layout while designing the graphic?