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    SOLVED Pro-10 - Increasing Output on Blue Side

    Sorry, just to make sure we’re on the same page, this one (that HamishR is referring to I think), is 10k? I’m reading 430k, and it doesn’t seem any bigger like I’d expect a 1/2w to.
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    Why won't the Spirit Box (Ghost Echo) oscillate?

    Maybe you need to have a bunch of gain after it like that project?
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    Quick troubleshooting question for gravitation reverb

    ^ I was thinking maybe there was a 1n4001 from power to gnd after the 10R resistors. Then the diode fried and shorted, which drew excessive current through the resistors. If so that’d be a bad design. I’ve only ever seen the diode to gnd directly on the 9v input. Or maybe there wasn’t a...
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    Quick troubleshooting question for gravitation reverb

    You’re measurement seems fine to me. I think the main reason pedalpcb uses schottky here is to minimize the voltage lost from 9V since it’s in a series configuration. Many pedals have a 1n4001 from power to ground. The advantage is that there is no voltage drop in this configuration. The...
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    Help me understand the ODR Bass Cut Mod

    Socketing the caps is an idea too, to change the freq of each path without affecting gain
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    Help me understand the ODR Bass Cut Mod

    In this case I’m not saying general gain reduction sounds like bass reduction (flubbiness reduction), although that can be an effect. In the aion nobels mod, the gain reduction is targeted on the frequencies lower than 2368Hz. (It will have a small effect on the higher frequencies too, since...
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    Help me understand the ODR Bass Cut Mod

    You’re right that the R in this position determine the corner frequency. But the R also controls the gain. In this position, with higher R reducing the gain. Changing the corner frequency from 48hz to lower won’t be audible on guitar anyway, so only the gain reduction will be audible. The...
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    Multiple LED’s

    Here's what's happening in the circuit. The order of the LED and R don't matter (I have them reversed in my wiring sketch)
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    Multiple LED’s

    Sturdag's comment is correct. Here's a rough picture of it. You can adjust the resistor value to get the brightness you want.
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    Shimmer temporary footswitch or tap tempo on Spatialist

    I just posted my tap tempo code in the Modifications section. hope it helps!
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    FV-1 Tap Tempo Delay Code

    After discussion on another thread, I'm sharing some code I developed for a functional tap tempo delay using the FV-1. This could be built using either pedalpcb Arachnid or Pythagorus pcbs with some circuit mods (attached schematics). Read the Intro comments of the code for knob functions...
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    "New Diode" / "Tweaked" KTR?

    Personally I’d like to see also so we don’t have to keep sourcing GEs. Separately I recently did a test with an in-progress build to see if I could get the same sound with bat46. Just swapping diodes I’d say it’s noticeably different. I added a 100R in series with the diodes (to soften them, in...
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    Shimmer temporary footswitch or tap tempo on Spatialist

    That babelfish project linked by cyber cow was my original inspiration and helped me get started with the algo for tap. I ended up making quite a few changes to how it works and I think it’s working very nicely, more smoothly than the babelfish code was working for me. with a momentary ftsw, and...
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    Shimmer temporary footswitch or tap tempo on Spatialist

    You may be referring to my post. I have the tap tempo working really well now. I’ve sold several pedals with it incorporated and haven’t had any complaints. I could probably share the code for a basic tap delay and one with modulation if there’s interest, as long as the circuit is modded the way...
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    My first Super-fuzz

    Very cool build. The On-on-on switch is an interesting idea, you could test it out just by jumpering the pins of the switch. Aionfx has a pcb that is fitted to use either a switch or a pot. If using the pot, it simply blends between the two settings.
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    LED Light Plate

    I’m able to do a 1590bb reasonably well with one of these green leds in the center, with a 1k clr. I think the diffuse plastic is key, and also these are a lot brighter than the green ones from Tayda. Not sure about the other leds from the same maker, might be similar...
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    PCB's for Chorus? with chips that are easy to find?

    Just copy the available source code from the internal fv-1 patch that the rainbow machine uses? I think the one patch on the unison double tracker basically does this (detuned chorus without warble). Maybe not quite as warm as an analog chorus but I find it to be a nice effect which can be subtle
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    Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo

    @swelchy very cool! Nice job. Maybe this one was poured, I don’t know haha. The housing was salvaged from a broken pedal so I didn’t do the finish.
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    Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo

    I recommend socketing both the HPF and LPF caps and experimenting. On my dip switch, I ended up with only 3n3 in parallel with 6n8. Higher caps sounded nice too, just taste at that point. Matching the Cardinal cutoff frequencies didn’t make it sound identical to my ears. Also mess with the...
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    Kliche Buffer Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    A stomp for a buffer? Seems unnecessary... Though I do have a c buffer build with a toggle bypas switch which is handy for testing how the rig responds to a buffer at certain points. On 2nd thought maybe you like how your fuzz sounds both with and without buffer before, so you can switch in...