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    Release the GIMP! aka Diynot learned a new trick aka Tourbus delay

    That looks awesome! Purple aluminums tips it in for the win as well. I have to admit that even for someone that isn't really crazy about analog delays I'm obsessed with this project. To the point where I built up three of them, knowing full well that when I show it to a couple of buddies I'll...
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    Matchless Lightning - kinda

    Fantastic work! That cabinet is just stellar.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    Mine uses rather crappy ribbon cable that I think I might have picked up from Tayda . Works fine but wouldn't want to move the wire too many times. Also the tone control is just a high end roll-off and not a lot of range but takes the edge off nicely.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    Mine squeals like a stuck pig if nothing is plugged in. At any gain or volume. Plugged in it's totally quiet even with vol and gain at max (although holy crap is it loud). If the squealing bothers you it can be tamed with a normal amp approach and using a shorting jack to shunt to ground.
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    Stratoblaster Kit

    I seem to recall that 400 years ago when I started this hobby I whiffed on a couple of Fuzz Faces (which in hindsight sets the hook for a lot of DIY builders) and the Stratoblaster not only sounded great but was my first successful build. I don't recall if I got the board from GGG or got all...
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    TL072 vs "TL072"

    This is interesting. Thanks for making me more paranoid. Actually, thanks for doing this, I had no idea that simple stuff like this is being spoofed. Lesson learned. I bought a metric ton of 4558 from an Amazon seller that look really dodgy but so far sound quite good. Would be worth a test...
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    TUTORIAL Using an Active Buffer Can Greatly Reduce Hissssssss

    Great write up. I learned something today.
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    Firebox - tube power amp emulator

    You guys are scaring me :) I REALLY like the idea of pre > pwr > IR. Although multiple IR slots would be cool I'd think a lot of folks could set on 2 or 4 maybe? In my case I'd probably settle on a 412 closed back into an SM57 and call it a win as long as the sound quality was there. I also...
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    It was pretty spendy in its day as well. To say nothing of the fact it’s the size of a toaster oven. Instead of cranking on the heaters I want to fiddle with some led backlighting.
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    Lectric-FX Old Chap Flanger (EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress)

    That looks very clean. Tasty graphics and that red wire look absolutely sinister with the black boards. I'd be curious to compare the two circuits, I got the impression that the 18v Deluxe was a different animal.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    I had some major grounding issues till I realized that I was using isolated jacks (duh...). I'm using a 1Spot as well. The paint, btw, is Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultracover. The color is called French Lilac Satin. Worth noting that although it covers well its a good idea to lightly...
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    Boss/Roland CE-1

    It gets me close enough to the original tbh. I like the fact that it’s simpler and more compact, quieter, and obtainable parts.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    I’ll get the exact color tomorrow but it’s a Rustoleum satin from Home Depot.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    And it's done. Nothing fancy with the graphics, I went with a hot-rod violet primer sort of look and waterslide decal.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    This is entirely too much fun. Despite the tiny board and 3/4 page BOM there is a lot of crammage here. Let me just get this out of the way: This thing sounds fabulous. Lots of fat gain on tap and capable of ridiculous amounts of volume. I like the voicing on the tone control, no flubby...
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    DEMO Octavia clone from using Madbean's Retrograde layout

    Very slick. I agree with dawson, that etch is too cool.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    Placed a Tayda order this afternoon. I have 1 9-pin socket and most of my electrolytics would likely go kaboom. At this point I have a handful of builds that are waiting on a handful of parts so at least the timing was right. One of the cool details on this (well other than getting to meet...
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    The trick is finding 9pin LEDs
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    Holy moly did I luck out. It seems vigilante398 is right down the road from me so he stopped by this afternoon with the goods. What a guy!!! Thanks again, I'm really stoked about building this.
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    Just couldn’t pass this up.