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    Could PedalPCB Intelligent Relay modules be used with DIY VFE pedals?

    I forgot that Madbean was selling the pedals as well. I'll have to take a look at the two and see if it's compatible. Thanks!
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    Could PedalPCB Intelligent Relay modules be used with DIY VFE pedals?

    VFE's switching on the latest versions of each pedal included switching code that he couldn't release with the DIY files. Rather than going back to previous versions of the DIY pedals that didn't have relay switching, or messing with the board layout/schematic (if you even need to), Can...
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    Some of my winter builds (PedalPCB, EffectsLayout, PCBGuitarMania, VFE)

    Thanks! Great minds think alike, lol. It just takes practice, I think my obsession with building is what has led to better execution. Some of my first builds are fairly basic and not well done. I've done a ton of reading on etching techniques to try and improve.
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    Some of my winter builds (PedalPCB, EffectsLayout, PCBGuitarMania, VFE)

    Haha, same! Growing up in Oregon, we always took trips up the coast, so haystack sprang to mind pretty much instantly.
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    Some of my winter builds (PedalPCB, EffectsLayout, PCBGuitarMania, VFE)

    Thanks! Personally, I’m most satisfied with the Tetsuo one, but I think the Low Tide is really appropriate to the pedal. I still drill by hand and even 6 knob PedalPCB layouts make me nervous sometimes. As much as I wanted to etch this to make it really unique, I knew it was going to fail, lol.
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    Some of my winter builds (PedalPCB, EffectsLayout, PCBGuitarMania, VFE)

    I've been quite busy over the winter, but still found time to power through some builds. After this last one I figured I should share some of the work. In order of completion: PCB Guitar Mania Acapulco Tone: Acapulco Gold with a clean blend and baxandall tone stack. Loud, just like you'd...
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    Laser Engraver

    That's my issue... My "workshop" is a side bedroom. I could hack together a ventilation system for it. But I still don't know if I can really afford the space it would take up with everything else I have in here. But i've been really interested in the idea of using spray paint as a mask for...
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    This Week on the Breadboard: the Supro 1304 Fuzz (Repo Fuzz)

    He has his own channel now. AndyDemos
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    I have a fondness for PT2399's, lol. But it's definitely a circuit that needs good ones, I had to go through a couple before I was happy. The rejected ones will probably end up in noise ensemble builds, since it doesn't matter if those are noisy.
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    I think it's a really useful delay. The three modes are different enough to be useful when placed in a single "build". I've really enjoyed playing with the RE-20 mode. I am wondering if my ramp mod was done... not incorrectly, but maybe the white H11F1 needed different resistors (though, I...
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    Thanks! Even though I love etching my pedals, I’m trying to start branching out into different enclosure techniques. Still need to try out Tayda’s UV printing.
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    Propolis fuzz gave me a great canvas for a full sized etch, and with how terrifying it can sound, I figured a xenomorph would be the perfect representation. And thankfully I had some leftover pcb mounts from some vero builds. I’ve built 3 big muff circuits so far so for this one I thought I’d...
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    Tayda Shipping

    I saw a post in another group with their email reply from Tayda. DHL has been removed from the option for the US due to a lack of flights and that UPS serves the same function. DHL was going to continue being used for other regions (like Asia).
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    Best 2 in 1 drive combos?

    I’ve only done a single 2 in 1 so far (two sticks of doom and an amentum boost). but I’ve placed an order with a bunch of drive pedals and am curious about what people would combine. Mercurial Boost Box and All EQ Soldat Distortion Graphite Distortion Chop Shop Greengage Overdrive My first...
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    What was your first PedalPCB build?

    Arkaim fuzz kit bought through Musikding since I’d never ordered parts before. Not my first build, but still had that beginner tingly feeling when it started back up! It’s still the heaviest fuzz I’ve built and I’ve built quite a few now. Highly recommend it to anyone who plays heavy music.
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    Low Tide Modulator Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    B1M was an acceptable replacement then? If Banzai is the only location available, i'd rather grab some B1M from Tayda than have to pay shipping from europe to Japan just for a pot or two...
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    EQD Crimson Drive or White Light

    Awesome! One of my first builds was an official White Light kit from Stewmac and it’s killer. Wish I’d snatched up the other EQD boards while they were still in stock.
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    Trembling Loon: Replacing Trem 'Silence' with Additional Input

    I have no technical help to provide with this. But since a tremolo works by modulating the volume, what you are really looking for is something or some way to modulate a signal blend, right? Would that even be moddable, or require an entirely different circuit design.
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    Parentheses Fuzz

    Thanks Chuck, your posts about the Sea Monk and Circulator convinced me to pick up those circuits. Looking forward to getting to them soon.
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    Parentheses Fuzz

    Thanks! Not knowing the drill size needed for the footswitches, my labeling was a bit too close. But not horrible.