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    TPA3118 60W Power Amp Module

    Try a pot with more resistance instead of lower resistance.
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    (effectslayout) GRIZZLED GRIME

    nice job on the enclosure! really sets the tone, so to speak.
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    volume attenuator recommendation

    some interesting threads on the Marshall forum site discussed here:
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    Ocelot Octave subtle distorted sound

    Not to derail a good substantive discussion, but the demo sounds like the opening notes to Scott Joplin's The Sting.
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    Cloning the Rare Boss CE-1 Chorus... Well... Kinda!

    I really like the dino art, including the iconography. Great name for the pedal too.
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    Buddy's Breadboard and Circuit Design Notes

    maybe have the extra transistor as a switch-in or switch out to have the option of blending two out of phase signals. The building blocks for breadboarding are going to be a lasting resource here for a lot of people -- thanks for sharing!
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    TUTORIAL Ionizer 2 - Devi Ever Hyperion 2 Fuzz

    nice naming convention with the Cherry Pop. too bad it petered out....
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    Rockman X100 or Sustainor Circuit…

    I won't say it is an improvement on the original, but I will say that it would take advantage of the different form factor for a pedal. Looking up Tom Scholz's patents quickly lets you see that his MIT engineering degree has been put to a lot of use.
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    This Week on the Breadboard: A Mini Tube Pedal

    very interesting. no heat issues at 9v? do you think that will change significantly at 25v?
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    Happy Birthday and New Releases

    Good to have some "extra" projects in line just in case there is ever any downtime! Congratulations on 5 years with the site. Great milestone for sure.
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    Happy Birthday and New Releases

    Have you shared that Daisy program? Great sounds!
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    Parts list for the new seek trem?

    thanks for posting the info.
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    Parts list for the new seek trem?

    Nice set of new releases! Looks like the seek trem board will use a lot of 9mm pots. Can you post the parts list?
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    DEMO Madbean Pedals Tour Bus PGE-EHX Deluxe Memory Man

    did you use the C taper pot to keep more control at the faster part of the sweep?
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    Intersound IVP

    $24 is just for a place to put the parts and to hold everything together inside the enclosure. but it is a cool build and nice preamp even without playing with the distortion part of the circuit.
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    Mobius Strip In My Future: Anticipating the pain

    here are a few suggestions that may help when building VFE projects. pay attention to the sizes of your caps. you need short ones for the switching board at least. the VFE builds are good skill building projects. make sure you have the right part values and sizes and go slowly relying on...
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    DEMO Madbean Pedals Tour Bus PGE-EHX Deluxe Memory Man

    Do you find a lot of useful variations in the rate pot instead of the c/v switch?
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    DEMO Madbean Pedals Tour Bus PGE-EHX Deluxe Memory Man

    No problem if you leave your socks on...
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    The Fingers Overdrive Mockup Pedal

    I could see the Scream and the Fart pedals being combined in one design.
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    Ribbon Cable and Sockets?

    I'm not sure I would even call those wires ribbon cable due to the thicker gauge. I like them.