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    One Loop Switcher - Momentary & Latching with one footswitch

    Hi, not sure if there is something like this... I'm looking for a tiny loop switcher (with one loop) which only has one footswitch that will work momentary (when pressed) & latching (while holding). Is there anything out there? Thanks
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    Problem with JHS @+

    Could anybody tell me what could be the reason for this issue with the JHS @+? In the video (zipped since I couldn't attach otherwise) you see the working one first and then the one with the issue...the LEDs are low and the sound is weak; both channels behave the same, probably some powering...
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    Black Arts Toneworks PHARAOH (or Son of Pharaoh)

    This is the greatest Fuzz pedal out there...I'd love a PedalPCB version of it!
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    Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II

    had MkI and still kicking myself on selling it because it’s one of the best low/mid drive gains I’ve ever played
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    JHS Double Barrel clone sounds like dying fuzz at times

    I just finished a JHS Double Barrel clone yesterday and it sounds great. It’s desinged by One thing I’ve noticed though: the TS side sometimes sounds like a fuzz with a dying battery or gated fuzz. When I disengage the TS side and turn it in again, it sounds normal. Here’s...
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    EHX Freeze Stereo Mod?

    Hi there, is there something like a stereo mod for the EHX Freeze? If not, any Pedal out there that does a similar job but with stereo ins/outs?
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    Arachnid - Tried to remove a poti / pad broke

    Hi, quick question. I messed up the soldering pad when I tried to exchange a poti (Ctrl 3). Is it sufficient if I just solder a bridge between lug 3 of Ctrl 3 and lug 3 of Ctrl 2? Thanks
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    Son of Ben - Voltage/Trimpot Problem (Q3 randomly fluctuates)

    Hi, me again. I have two issues regarding the Son of Ben Pedal. 1) The last two weeks I noticed that my Son of Ben sometimes has "outages"... While I was testing the pedal on another board , I faced another "outage" and noticed that the voltage of Q3 (Originally, set to Q1 ~5.2V, Q2&Q3 ~4.2V. )...
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    Oddfellow Caveman Drive V2

    Oddfellow Caveman Drive V2
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    Walrus Audio Ages

    Walrus Audio Ages
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    Demon Pedals Ganapati (OD & Boost)

    Demon Pedals Ganapati (OD & Boost)
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    SOLVED Parentheses not working (not even in Bypass)

    Hi, Sorry for my noob-thread again. But it’s driving me nuts. My Parentheses is not signal in bypass at all. Can’t really figure out why?! The LEDs are working, changed all three 3PDTs and the jacks, resoldered everything but still don’t get a sound at all. Pretty sure I’m...
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    Suggestion for combining Tommy III with another effect

    Hi there, I still have a Tommy III and a 3PDT order switch PCBs here and would love to include both in a project. Did anybody here combine the Tommy with any other effect? If so, what would a fitting one be? I’m thinking of a boost or something similar...any suggestions? Thanks
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    Parentheses 2020 & Alpha 2P4T Rotary Switch

    When I placed my last order on Tayda, I didn't notice I ordered a big 2P4T for my Parentheses PCB. Could anybody explain how I need to wire the PCB to the Alpha Rotary Switch in order to make this work? Thanks...
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    68 Pedals King of Clone - 4 Jack option

    Hi, I just got myself a Chinese KoT clone to compare it to the’s made by 68Pedals and makes a great impression. Soundwise as well as the cleanness of the build. Is there an easy way of modifying it to a 4 Jack option KoT without dissembling too much? The 3PDTs are on-board...