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    Dunwich DA-120 on a breadboard

    Well, I am right on track! It does nothing until I aggressively twist the volume knob. Then it goes “scritch scratch scritch scratch, WHEEEEEE” Debug time. :dmm:
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    Dunwich DA-120 on a breadboard

    It interesting: When I was working in diylc, it was a challenge to pack everything in. But looking at the picture, the board appears to have a bunch of wasted space. Ultimately, I didn’t see how to fit it into a 1590BB. When I moved the footprint up to 1590XX, I had enough room for a...
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    Dunwich DA-120 on a breadboard

    I decided against the available strip board layout because I don’t enjoy off board wiring and wanted board mounted pots. So I worked out a perfboard layout in DIYLC. Once it’s done and confirmed, I’ll post the layout. It’ll fit in a 1590XX. I triple checked the layout against the...
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    PCBGuitarMania Black Mystic

    @sixxtus I have found errors in a few different build docs for PCB Mania. I usually try to double check with a different source. For example if the trace and schematic are on I just looked at the build docs. The BOM, the shopping list, and the schematic all show different...
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    Grind Customs Build Docs

    I love the ultra stoner. “Hey bro, you know it’s just a big muff, right?” “No way man! It’s got 4 knobs and a Doom switch. To turn on Doom! It’s a completely different circuit than a big muff!”
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    SOLVED Stripboard rat

    Did you remove the wire from Vol 2 to the output jack? (The original one you installed needs to be removed. So that Vol 2 only goes to pin 9. Not both pin 9 and the output jack)
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    Parentheses octave troubleshooting

    Are the octave diodes installed ok? One of them is sticking up a bit and I can’t see the solder area.
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    Dunwich DA-120 on a breadboard

    Here it is. I just noticed I don't have the pot values labeled, but they are the same as shown on dirtbox layouts.
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    Dunwich DA-120 on a breadboard

    Well, this is my most ambitious breadboard. For new breadboard bakers: Don’t get discouraged when your board doesn’t work. This is a monster with 7 pots, 3 different voltages, 2 IC’s, and 4 transistors. And it was crippled by a missing jumper and an out of place resistor leg. Just walk...
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    JFET Shootout

    I've been conditioned by social media to not think for myself. I expect an article to tell me which one is The Best. So. Which one is The Best? :confused: But an actual question: Were these all through hole components? I've read on the internet (so it must be true) that new smd parts have...
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    Screaming of the Rat Muff

    Those skinny boards are pretty sweet! It looks like you could jam even more stuff in there.
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    What makes a good build report?

    I tune in for your unfiltered stream of consciousness. And I quote, "you buy a pedal... and you go on youtube and you go well, lets see what people think about it. Is it a piece of $#!T or whatever" There are plenty of others, but for some reason that one stuck in my brain. It brightens my...
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    Another Doom themed Sonic Reducer

    Awesome! Man, I love Doom II.
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    My first DIY Project and it ended in a Disaster!!!

    Nice job, that looks great! If your looking for more strip board projects, that site has a layout for the Grind Customs Ultra Stoner which is an awesome big muff variant. Grind is out of business, so that project is neat since you can’t buy the actual boards anymore.
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    Parentheses Fuzz build report

    Looks great! Which germanium diodes did you use? 1&2 are the octave. 8&9 are clipping.
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    El Sol Distortion + SHO Combo build

    Big sounds from 2 tiny circuits. That sho layout looks like it would drop right into a piece of perf board. I like how it mostly lays over the pot to save space. Did you 3D print the dust covers?
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    Shika Fuzz no output

    Does it work in bypass? The switch isn’t in the picture, is it OK?
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    Biasing Mofeta Preamp 2N5457

    That’s been my experience also. It’s similar to a distortion knob: I usually crank it up and think it sounds great. After a while, I figure out that it sounds better rolled down a bit. I don’t have a fast connection between my ear and my brain (I think my ear is good, but my brain is bad...
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    Parentheses octave fuzz clipping

    You can see it in the schematic. GE, 4148, 4148 with LED, and none:
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    "How much more black could this be? And the answer is none - none more black." Obsidius Build

    I like the clean look, with the clear and the red. (y)