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    Paludarium Platform Development

    I have transformers for plugging in microphones and what not into pedals. However, I was more interested in having balanced ouputs (i.e., inverted signals sent down the line) due to the noise reduction that happens with them. I guess you are right though, I can just mod things to suite my needs.
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    Cepheid to be more like Caesar?

    Curious if anyone has done this mod? It seems like we would need four 12K resistors and a B10K pot. It would be cool if someone could/would include pics of the holes they used for the mod. I may trace the board at some point and try.
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    Fairfield Randy's Revenge

    I am interested
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    Fairfield Circuitry The Accountant

    Bring the hype!!
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    Cali 76 Compressor

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    Fairfield Circuitry - Four Eyes Fuzz

    I have wanted to try this and originals are just going up in price. Would love this one!
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    Which inductor for the newest version of Conqueror Fuzz?

    Perfect! I was just about to ask about the bare holes. The via around R16 (10K) was throwing me for a loop.
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    Which inductor for the newest version of Conqueror Fuzz?

    I am curious as well. On the build docs it says 500mH. I purchased a TM013-R from small bear. I am currently trying to trace the circuit and figure out where I am supposed to solder the leads. It would be great to hear from someone who as put this together already? Or perhaps I will just give...
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    Paludarium Platform Development

    I like to run time domain effects (reverb and delay) post amp in stereo and route back into mixer. Guitar -> mono pedals -> amp -> OX BOX -> stereo time pedals -> mixer It would be cool if there were balanced TRS inputs or low impedance XLR inputs ... maybe?
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    Caesar Chorus

    Those knobs look really clean. Where did you get them from?
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    Sourcing a CH341A

    Another option, albeit convoluted, is an Arduino. I have an old pedal I made with a headphone jack (tip: SDA, ring: SDL), and I plug this into a board with Arduino. I compile the FV-1 files and run a Python script which generates an Arduino code which writes to the EEPROM. The Arduino can be...
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    Cepheid Chorus Level Mod?

    I was curious about this as well. I currently use a mix pedal for my choruses. It would be nice to have a mix between full clean and full vibrato. So, the Caesar a Cepheid with a blend knob? I suppose the lag is the delay time? It is looking like if I wanted to modify the Cepheid to have a...
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    Stomp switch wiring diagram

    Getting two wires (gray and yellow) in the hole 1 can be tricky. I have been stripping the yellow wire long enough to make it through hole 1 and 8, then feeding the bare wire through hole 1, then through shrink wrap, then hole 8. As an added bonus, the heat from the soldering iron usually...
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    Are Mica capacitors legit for pedal building?

    Very cool info. I had read about MLCCs being affected by DC bias but wasn't able to find a formula for it to calculate the potential impact. I know that it is considered in certain applications, like medical equipment, but might not have a reasonable impact on pedal electronics. From your...
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    Mismatch of DaisyPetal.KNOB_X -> POT_X numbers

    Oops, I just found this post:
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    EXAMPLE How to access the Terrarium toggle / footswitches

    See this post:
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    Mismatch of DaisyPetal.KNOB_X -> POT_X numbers

    I just soldered up my Terrarium and have been exploring the inputs. I wrote the following code to verify the hardware inputs: #include "daisy_petal.h" #include "terrarium.h" using namespace daisy; using namespace terrarium; DaisyPetal petal; void pot_led_flash_control(uint8_t pot_num) {...
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    EXAMPLE How to access the Terrarium toggle / footswitches

    One solution to this would be to make a Terrarium repo on github which contains this file and add it to your projects as a submodule (I am probably going to end up doing this). This would be the same process that happens with the "DaisySP" and "daisyLib" submodules that get pulled down for the...
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    Paludarium Platform Development

    It would be great if there was a seventh mix knob available. This would allow effects like chorus to have 6 controls available. (I am thinking of cloning the Cooper FX: Generation Loss on the Daisy)
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    Low Tide Modulator Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    Not sure if there is a way to PM, but, I will be here soldering for a few hours with the forum open to see if you (@BGabriel80) get online. Let me know what you think is a fair price, how many you want, and I will make a post when I know you're online. I think I am only willing to sell a couple...