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    Parts list for the new seek trem?

    Nice set of new releases! Looks like the seek trem board will use a lot of 9mm pots. Can you post the parts list?
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    question about the double harmonic tremolo

    I see this is a stereo in, stereo out project that can also take an input from one channel to output to two channels. does this pedal offer something more than the standard harmonic tremolo if it is only going to be used for one channel in and one channel out?
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    new benson temperature stabilized germanium fuzz

    Hmmm. Would you think the germanium transistor for the new Benson pedal is warmed to the desired operating range when it is powered? Seems like the LED also changes color as it gets hotter. I have wondered whether it might be simpler to put a small peltier close enough to keep the...
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    NOTE -- New Daisy Seeds have hardware changes that require recompiling libraries

    I ordered a couple of Daisy Seeds after they were restocked, but the would not work when I tried to install either the reverb or rhythmic delay programs from users on this forum. I contacted the company and was pointed to this thread describing some changes that were made. This is not only a...
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    FYI -- Daisy Seeds are back in stock at Electro-Smith

    These have been out of stock for some time, in case anyone has been wanting one for a Terrarium build.
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    question about the Comprehensive Drive schematic

    In the schematic for the Comprehensive Drive, what are the P1 P2 and P3 points near the output for the pedal?
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    Pharmacist Overdrive

    Any changes to the part values that are listed on the PCB?
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    Thanks for the new batch of PCBs that dropped today!

    Great assortment of interesting projects.
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    VFE Pedals -- An opportunity to become a "licensed builder"

    Sharing this since some forum members may be looking for new ways to sell DIY pedals. Peter Rucker's plans for VFE Pedals are innovative and somewhat in flux. He wants to support DIY builders of VFE pedals by selling the assembly instructions for each pedal for $4 each (presumably one...
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    Happy Birthday PedalPCB and Congratulations!

    Title says it all!
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    Mofeta Pedal Sweet Spots?

    Should the three trimmers be set to bias the transistors around 4.5 to 4.75 volts?
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    ExperminentalNoize FXcore has been released

    I had been watching this product last year when the site listed it as "coming soon". Stopped checking on it late in 2020 but took another look recently to see it is was released last month and it looks the the development board for it is also available now. Seems like this is another solid...
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    Setting up the Low Tide Modulator

    For the two trim pots on the Low Tide Modulator --- what are the suggested settings for the Bias and the Gate trim pots?
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    Suggestion on "standard" PCB wiring connections

    How about adding an "optional" power-out wiring hole to new or revised versions of the PCBs to use for connecting to the soft bypass relay boards? (or add a power and ground set of connections if the existing ground to the PCB could not be tapped as a ground for the relay).
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    any updates on power amp projects using the TPA3118?

    Anything close to being rolled out using the module? And any insight into what variations might be introduced?
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    Harmonic Tremolo Parts

    Is this pedal based on the Cardinal harmonic tremolo? Does it have a similar parts list? Trying to see if I need to order anything for the build without asking for anything before the build doc is posted.
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    ntelligent Relay Bypass Module -- older version

    can you post a link to the build sheet for the older version? or please confirm the parts printed on the board are correct. I see the new version has a couple of different value parts and placement compared to the older boards I have. thanks
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    Program Examples

    This may be useful, or at least inspirational. Here is a link to the sample programs for the coming-soon DSP chip for the Experimental Noize FX Core chip. Clicking on the sample programs takes you to a page showing the coding for them.
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    Parts list for Conqueror Supreme?

    Would it be possible to get the parts list for the Conqueror Supreme PCB? Some of the parts on the PCB do not have values on them (specifically the capacitors on the upper right side). Thanks.