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  1. finebyfine

    IC Leg Benders

    I saw some posts about 3d printed IC leg benders but cannot for the life of me find them again. Anyone know what I’m talking about?
  2. finebyfine

    PedalPCB Protoboard

    I was finally able to finish setting up my full size protoboard, and I really cannot sing high enough praise of this. Super grateful to have gotten it in one of the anniversary contests. Let me start by saying that I truly hate breadboarding. I find it tedious, frustrating, messy, to say...
  3. finebyfine

    Restoring Rocket Sockets

    Some of my most used rocket sockets (plastic non marring nut drivers: are pretty worn down. They’ve lasted me a long time and much longer than I would have assumed. But because I really only use 3 sizes, I was wondering if...
  4. finebyfine

    Creamery Compressor

    Got a perfectly timed commission as I had been wanting to build one of these for myself. When I first boxed it up I think I played it for two hours straight. If I hadn’t made one for myself I’d be mad that this one’s going in the mail soon. Had the fun opportunity to learn an odd amount about...
  5. finebyfine

    DEMO PedalPCB Softii

    OH MAN is this a fun one. Says more than I could put into words that the "quick" demo I recorded was like 15 minutes before cutting it down. Tayda Winked Silver enclosure, UV printed by them. Demo is slowly going from cleanest to dirtiest settings on the pedal Edit: now that I'm not...
  6. finebyfine

    5LB Bag of Fuzz BATXX?

    Anyone know which BAT diodes D1 & D2 are? I am guessing BAT41 because anything other than “1” would have some visible remnant behind the cathode indicator line on the silkscreen. Thanks!
  7. finebyfine

    Hot Glue Gun Recs?

    I’ve been meaning to pick one up for a while. Xiaomi - who makes my favorite electric screwdriver - makes a sharp looking mini one but it has mixed reviews. I’m looking for something small and cordless. I have access to larger ones but don’t use them as often as I could because of the space...
  8. finebyfine

    Resource: Fuzz Topologies

    I had been looking for something like this for a while, this is David Morrin's Fuzz Topologies. His website is a really great resource in general. His fuzz topologies pages breakdown the classic fuzz circuits in a way that's really easy to understand.
  9. finebyfine

    EXAMPLE Expression Pedal/Pot Speed

    I'm working on an fv-1 one-off that is going to use an expressional pedal and had been a little anxious about the tracking speed being too slow because of the stability filters on the pots. Here's a thread on the spin forums describing how to use a highpass filter to counteract the lowpass...
  10. finebyfine

    TUTORIAL Measuring Pedal Current Draw

    I recently had a commission that I was worried would draw more than the typical wall wart 100mA and was kind of surprised I had never measured a pedal's current draw before! I couldn't find a tutorial on this forum - apologies if I just missed it, so here's a short guide. All we need to do is...
  11. finebyfine

    125B PedalPCB 2-Knob Type 1 125B Template

    Fits the following:
  12. finebyfine

    125B PedalPCB Caesar Chorus 125B
  13. finebyfine

    125B PedalPCB XC Phase 125B
  14. finebyfine

    125B PedalPCB Fuzzy Fox 125B This is a relatively common template for PedalPCB projects and also fits the following: - Bedrock Overdrive - Blue Waffle Overdrive - Ermahgerd! fuzz - Gloryhole Overdrive - Greengage Overdrive - King...
  15. finebyfine

    Marigold Fuzz (Sola Sound Yellow Hybrid Tone Bender)

    Had this one 99% done a few months ago and saw it when digging through my finished but not enclosed pcb box and decided to box it up. I used the closest I had on hand for the BC107 and BC109C and because I'm not sure how it's supposed to sound I didn't stress on it. BC107 has a BC108 in it and...
  16. finebyfine

    OP-Amp Rectification Octave

    Can’t find too much from googling but has anyone seen an op-amp precision full wave rectifier used in any octave circuits? I was digging into phase inversion correction and got introduced to the concept. am gonna be breadboarding a few when I have some free time. Hard to beat an octave fuzz in...
  17. finebyfine

    Parentheses Fuzz

    Everyone's gotta do the full size at least once I suppose. Fired up 99% perfectly right off the bat, other than some trouble with the expression jack - and I'm not entirely sure I nailed it down - I think my expression pedal is shitty. When wired to a potentiometer the way an expression pedal is...
  18. finebyfine

    SpinCAD Files

    It took me a while to figure out how to filter out the SpinASM files on mstratman's fv1 directory page and while I want to dig into SpinASM eventually I thought this might be worth sharing! Two links: - SpinCAD files on mstratman's directory...
  19. finebyfine

    (Aion) Ampeg Scrambler

    I had been interested in the Scrambler since I started digging into Octave Fuzzes. When I turned it on and started fiddling with the knobs I was kind of unimpressed until I put it after an Ocelot (OC-2). Retains the low end great (unsurprisingly). Wired the boost as always on so it would fit in...
  20. finebyfine

    Ocelot Octave - Faint Distorted Signal

    This ocelot build is giving me a faint distorted signal sort of “behind” the octave signals and dry signal. More noticeable on higher notes up the fretboard but it’s always there a little bit. It otherwise works exactly as expected. Not sure what to be looking for for trouble shooting. All ICs...