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    Thorpy The Dane - Based on ______??

    Does anyone have any clues as to what the Dane might be based on? As far as I can tell like most builders Thorpy's pedals are usually based on a previous circuit. Has anyone peeked inside?
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    Anybody played a Dan Drive Tweedy 5B3 pedals?

    It even has a tweed circuitboard apparently. Curious if it sounds any good.
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    Strymon Favourite Switch - anybody made one?

    I found this rather simple schematic online (redrew it to avoid copyright issues). Has anyone built one? Did it work??
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    Inspired by Clark Deluxe

    I don't know if anyone is interested in yet another amp-build, but here one is! I built this just before the Vox. This is a 5E3 inspired by a wonderful Clark Beaufort that a friend brought around a few months ago. I was really impressed with that amp - it was easily the best sounding...
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    Vox AC15-ish amp

    Just finished this today. It's kind of an AC15, using a Mojo chassis, board and faceplates, some old Matchless transformers from West Labs and a Mercury Magnetics Vox AC15 OT. When built stock it was way too bassy. Maybe the Mojo transformers don't produce as much low end as the trannies I used...
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    Would a Benson Preamp explode if you used a 1M bass pot?

    Maybe I should have kept the title more cryptic. It's left me with nothing to add here.
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    Animals Pedals Diamond Peak

    I almost feel like this should be in the requests section! I recently bought an Animals Pedals Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive. It's rare for me to buy an OD but as a huge Skreddy fan I had to try it because I heard some clips which rather impressed me and I do like the Skreddy Hybrid OD. The...
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    How would I go about wiring an Awful Waffle in true bypass?

    Not keen on buffered bypass with my rig, so how do I wire up an Awful Waffle to be TBP?
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    Matchless Lightning - kinda

    A friend of mine who has owned two of my amps before asked me to build him something Voxy in a low wattage, with a master volume and a single 12" speaker combo. So I built this: It's based on a Matchless Lightning. I used a chassis and tagboard from Ceriatone, transformers from Mercury...
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    Tried a 2N4033 instead of Ge in my Broadcast - Ariel Posen spec?

    Recently I wrote about my Vero layout Broadcast which doesn't use the transformer. It sounds a lot like a Broadcast with a transformer. I socketed the Ge transistor - a Russian MP20, hfe around 52 - just in case I had to experiment with transistors. Well the first MP20 I tried sounded spot-on so...
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    Well I built a Broadcast without the transformer

    Although it times it felt like I had just opened a box and tipped a bunch of electrolytic caps into it. 🤪 The pedal isn't finished yet as I will be putting a 4-knob OD into it as well, the Broadcast being used as a boost for the OD. But the Broadcast is working. And it sounds great - much like...
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    Does the Marsh Fuzz really need all that filtering?

    I pulled out my Marsh Fuzz to use today and it really is a good sounding pedal, whether used as a boost or a fuzz. So I went back to this site and looked at the schematic - does the designer have shares in an electrolytic factory? I've seen so many fuzz pedals with next to no filtering and most...
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    Arche Boost - do they need to be 1N747A diodes?

    Looking at the schematic for the Arche Boost I see that it requires two 1N747A zener diodes. Do they really need to be specifically those 3.6V zeners? They are the only part I don't have right now... I have other Zeners - I know I have 5.1V amongst others. Thanks!
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    My Duocast is almost really good!

    I've already built the single version of this pedal (Simulcast?) and that one works fine. But the Duocast is causing me an issue. It seems to work fine when the voltage switch is to one side or the other, but in the middle setting I get no sound until I switch it to the left or right setting...
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    Promethium Problem

    I just started build a Promethium today and have so far only populated the board with the resistors, the diodes and the IC sockets. I am about to install the 1µF caps C10 and C12 and the only caps of that value I have which will fit are tantalums. The board has no indication of polarity for...
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    Is it just me or are the Cornish designs all a bit crap?

    I like Dave Gilmour sounds as much as the next guy so I've always been interested in how a thousand dollar overdrive or fuzz might help me get closer to that. So I've tried a few Cornish designs from here and elsewhere and every time beed very disappointed. I'm realistic enough to know that I...
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    What does the 22K on the output of the Guvernator do?

    Seem to have asked my question in the title... Pin 2 of the volume pot often goes to output on an OD pedal, but this time it goes to out via a 22K resistor. What does this 22K do? What would happen if you took pin 2 straight to the output? Thanks!
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    Pro-10 Green mods - about that low-end!

    I built my second Pro-10 Green today. The first I built stock to see what all the fuss was about. It helped me identify how I might want to change a few things... And one of the mods from Aion FX worked a treat! The things which I wanted to change were (1) the ridiculous amount of low end...
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    A friend wants a "flat mids" mod for his Klone...

    A friend of mine is curious about adding a switch to his Klone to flatten out the midhump. I suggested that it might be a bit tricky because as far as I can see there is no one part creating the mid-hump. In a Big Muff you can pretty much add a switch to bring in another cap at the third gain...
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    Can someone help me add a bass pot to a Protein BB??

    I just built a Pro-10 Blue OD and it is by far the best Bluesbreaker inspired overdrive I have heard. I have tried it with a few guitars - a Les Paul sounds killer through it, the Strat sounds good but today I played it with my Duojet into a recently built tweed Super and it sounded amazing. It...