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  1. mdc

    LND150 SRPP OD

    I've been futzing with this pleasant-sounding overdrive over the past couple weeks, and finally built it up into a working pedal. It's based on RG Keen's example of an SRPP circuit which is in turned derived from Jack Orman's mu-amp/mini booster. It uses LND150 depletion MOSFETs and the gain is...
  2. mdc

    REQUEST Aion Spectron & Quadratron

    Hello! Just curious if anyone's happened to put together drill templates for these projects? I'm about to put a Tayda order in, and I figured I'd ask the crowd before I went ahead and tried to suss it out myself. Thanks in advance!
  3. mdc

    SOLVED Pitch Witch - blend issue

    I have a pitch witch build that was previously working a-ok. I plugged it in today and it's gone a bit off. Per the schematic: If I've got strong clean signal with the blend knob fully CCW, and strong delay-only signal with the knob fully CW...
  4. mdc

    Modified B&M Fuzz

    I heard 'Girl Like You' come on the other day and was reminded of that song's great fuzz tone in the lead part. Legend has it, he used a B&M fuzz unit for the track. It's a Colorsound pedal, not too different from a Big Muff, in the same family as the Supa and Jumbo Tone Benders, as well as...
  5. mdc

    VoodooLabs Optical Bypass

    Hi folks This is a bit of a utility build report, but hopefully some others will find it useful? In any case, I've had a few builds lately with switch pop that wasn't cured through the usual methods. In digging around for a solution, I found the schematic for optocoupler-based bypass that...
  6. mdc

    Parasit Raygun Youth

    If you haven't stumbled across Frederik Lyxzén's Parasit Studios page, it's worth checking out - he has a slew of DIY PCBs of original circuits, vero layouts for some classic oddball effects, and some really useful utility circuits. I was looking for an extremely blown out sounding fuzz that I...
  7. mdc

    LND150 // Differential Pair Distortion

    In the spirit of sharing breadboard projects, here's a circuit I pieced together over the past few weeks. On the breadboard... Got some PCBs... Realised I made a few goofs laying it out, tweaked to suit, and here's the adjusted schematic... The LND150 MOSFETs are popular with solid state...
  8. mdc

    Tayda drill coordinates for 1590BB or 1590BB2 top mount jacks?

    Hi pals, I'm going to take the plunge and try Tayda's drill service for the first time, I'm just curious if anyone happens to have the magic numbers handy to allow top mount jacks to work on a 1590BB with pot insulators and enclosed 1/4" jacks (ie...
  9. mdc

    1590BX2 vs Intelligent Relay Bypass pcb...?

    Hi folks, Just curious if anyone has built up a loop switcher with relay bypass boards inside of a 1590BX2 enclosure. It looks like there should, on paper at least, be room for 4 boards. Just want to make sure that this is the case before I get too far ahead of myself. Thanks!
  10. mdc

    TSS80P soldering pen

    My 14 year old weller iron finally bit the dust the other night, which is a pretty good run for a $20 tool that I bought at radio shack. I don't have a permanent work bench set up in my apartment, so a nice station isn't super convenient. After hearing some positive reviews on the forum about...
  11. mdc

    Shielded i/o wire Q

    Hi folks, When using RG147 coaxial as for I/O wiring, I've seen it recommended quite often to only connect one end of the shielding to ground, but not the other. I'm curious as to the theory/science behind this—can anyone explain the reasoning? So in practice, say I've got a mono input jack...
  12. mdc

    Silicone housing

    Dang, this stuff is floppy... I ordered some hookup wire from prime without paying too much attention and it looks like I'm going to have a lot of rubbery wires boppin' around my pedals for a while.
  13. mdc

    Maratac Hobby Hands

    I've not used one personally, but the maratac stuff tends to be decent quality. Might be something you could find under a different brand for a bit less? Anyway, they seem well liked and definitely a step up from the 'sad robot with hook hands' mag glass/alligator clip style...
  14. mdc

    PCB layout software?

    Hi folks, Just curious if anyone happens to have a recommendation for PCB layout software. I've been using to draw schematics and have a thing I'd like to move onto PCB. It looks like there are a few sites that will go from schematic to PCB layout, but I'm at a loss for how...
  15. mdc

    Tone Bender MKIII

    A friend of mine is low key obsessed with Vox Tone Bender MKIIIs lately, so I thought I'd try breadboarding one and see what happened. It turned out pretty cool, but I'm mostly posting because these old Tung Sol transistors that I ended up using are really nice looking.
  16. mdc

    SolidGold FX Imperial MKII Fuzz

    I know the original Jen Jumbo Fuzz is basically just a tweaked muff/tb jumbo with a Ge gate circuit, but this demo sounds pretty great and I'm curious how SGFX have refined things. I looked around for a schematic but could only find one for the original Jen circuit.
  17. mdc

    Order switching wiring Q...

    I'd like to box a fuzz together with an active EQ circuit, have one footswitch control bypass for the entire box (both effects) and another footswitch for EQ in/out: I'm wondering if there's an easy way to add an order switcher to this? I've found diagrams for order switching but these assume...
  18. mdc

    Sola Sound Yellow Hybrid Tone Bender

    Hi folks, I have one of the yellow hybrid tone benders from Macaris/Sola Sound—curious if anyone is interested in attempting a trace? It's a fave of Kevin Shields/My Bloody Valentine, and I think it's more closely related to the 3-transistor Supa/Jumbo than the mki/ii/iii TBs...
  19. mdc

    SOLVED Duo-Phase is DOA-Phase

    I had a sinking feeling when I was putting this one together that it would be my first pedalpcb with a major hitch, and here we are. The unit powers up, both side indicator LEDs come on, signal passes in bypass, no sound passes through either side in any combination of in/out. Neither side...
  20. mdc

    Covert OD / DLS III unity volume?

    Hi folks, Just curious about others' experience with the Covert OD/DLS MKIII with regard to output volume. Mine doesn't seem to hit unity until about 4:00 and then has a decent amount of adjustment available from 4:00 to fully CW. Seems like it could benefit from an anti-log pot? I'm wondering...