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  1. finebyfine

    IC Leg Benders

    JLCPCBs 3d printing is a steal compared to other 3d printing on demand services. Only one I use now. Edit: Ordered two 3d prints from those results @Deperduci thank you so much! Also ordered one of those benders @yeeeargh thanks so much
  2. finebyfine

    IC Leg Benders

    I saw some posts about 3d printed IC leg benders but cannot for the life of me find them again. Anyone know what I’m talking about?
  3. finebyfine

    More of a warning than a question - don't buy JFETs from adeleparts2010 on eBay

    I think I’ve got those same fakes before from somewhere else too. Shit gets so discouraging. There’s definitely purchases I know are a gamble and am fine with that but the ones I think are certain that are fake fuck me up so bad. A recent gamble on analog multipliers paid off well recently...
  4. finebyfine

    REQUEST PedalPCB Flock Harmonizing Fuzz [1590BB]

    Is there any reason to not drill for the switch retaining notch? I usually never do because they’re weirder shapes and I dont think pots need them but I’m tempted with this one
  5. finebyfine

    Signal generators

    I bought an AD9833 module after seeing them pop up on AliExpress all the time, and it rules. For about $3 plus an arduino and an op-amp you get sine square and triangle waves from 0.1Hz to 12 mhz. I'm trying to figure out how to box it up in a way that'll be easy to use for debugging. Thinking I...
  6. finebyfine

    Calling on bass players - need a recommendation for flat wounds.

    Even though @MichaelW's mind is made up for now, I wanted to mention the brand Pyramid because I hadn't seen it discussed for anyone else passing through. My only experience with them is with their Bass VI set (which is very reasonably priced), that if it had a heavier low E I'd think were...
  7. finebyfine

    Klon KTR Font?

    This is my exact suspicion as well, down to the weight. If it's not, it may as well be - and any condensed Futura work-a-likes (Avenir, Cera, Tempo, etc) would convey the vibe.
  8. finebyfine

    Bench DC power supply recommendation

    Bumping this one from the graveyard to ask the same question. Looking for 2+ outputs, 30V 5A territory below $125. Figure that price point means SMPS which is fine by me. I really just need something to save me the hassle of busting out a handful of charge pumps and regulators when I'm trying...
  9. finebyfine

    Even more new Tayda colors!

    MAN I have been wanting that dayglo orange ever since seeing a @Chuck D. Bones build report that used it. That one is cooooool
  10. finebyfine

    REQUEST Synchro-Wah/Tremolo

    Here's your Type 1 for 6.35mm shaft pots (ie, which is what I'm using. edit: just ordered a...
  11. finebyfine

    What makes a good build report?

    Agreeing with a lot here, especially that it doesn't get much better than the build report videos you do @jjjimi84. Not all of this answer is specific to you but just in general: A few things I like doing, even if I don't post each of these in build reports, when testing commissions: Into...
  12. finebyfine

    Build Docs Component Counter / Shopping List Generator

    Here we go (finally) Basically everything hinges on this named group regex pattern $pattern = '/(?P<type>^R|C|D|IC|Q|LDR)(?P<num>\d+)\s?(?P<val>.+)/i'; There's a similar one for electromechanical stuff further down but is more or less the same without...
  13. finebyfine

    What plectrum does everyone use?

    Did you have to special order them? I don't see that material option
  14. finebyfine

    What plectrum does everyone use?

    Yes! Where did you get those made??
  15. finebyfine

    What plectrum does everyone use?

    Are there any deep cut Ultex / Ultem (PEI) picks out there? Ultem jazz iii's are pretty much my ride or die but I haven't come across many other picks in the same material from other brands
  16. finebyfine

    PedalPCB Protoboard

    Hahahaha I never thought about it like that but you're right. A big guiding philosophy for me in life is to try to only be annoyed by something once - either I try to solve what is annoying, or I try to accept that it is annoying. Maybe I should have leaned toward the latter for breadboarding...
  17. finebyfine

    PedalPCB Protoboard

    I was finally able to finish setting up my full size protoboard, and I really cannot sing high enough praise of this. Super grateful to have gotten it in one of the anniversary contests. Let me start by saying that I truly hate breadboarding. I find it tedious, frustrating, messy, to say...
  18. finebyfine

    Can I use an arduino mini to make a simple midi controller?

    Information on it is sparse on synth academy's website but I think it's more or less a pcb with a modular repeating footprint for pots/toggles/inputs with a bus to a microcontroller. The way they talk about using only one wire to connect to each added element I imagine the setup is then limited...
  19. finebyfine

    OP-Amp Rectification Octave

    I built the LM13700 ring mod but pared down to just be a frequency squarer, and it's a really cool effect but definitely needs more tweaking to reduce distortion. Playing single notes it doesn't really seem like an octave up, but when playing multiple notes it sounds really similar to the Green...
  20. finebyfine

    DEMO PedalPCB Softii

    I did white underneath everything, thanks!