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    Hoof triangle

    I made this for Cory Hanson of the band Wand (one of the greatest bands alive right now). It's essentially a triangle with the shift knob of the Hoof. I modified the tone stack quite a bit and used a 50K shift pot. Amperex A104 for Q2 and Q3. IR LED diodes. Sounds good
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    Neurocyton - Greer Soma

    Made this for my barber in exchange for a cut lmao. Haven't plugged it in yet but it biased so I assume it's fine
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    volume attenuator recommendation

    All, My friend wants a pedal to go in the effects loop of his amp so that he can turn the volume down while keeping the gain of the preamp. Am I correct in thinking this is just a simple volume knob? I can't help but think there is something that might be more useful in there Thanks Edit: I...
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    NGD: offset tele build

    Body from nomoonlaser, Warmoth neck (10-16, 6150SS, boatneck profile), Cavalier pickups (Lion King and Nocaster), **** a tone knob I'm already in love with this thing. I had to shim the neck forward a bit but now I have it playing where I want it, no fret buzz at all. The neck is incredible. It...
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    NJM2904D alternatives

    I can't find this guy from any reputable sellers. Is there a more common part to substitute? Thanks
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    Selmer Buzz Tone

    This thing is cool. Volume, drive, voltage switch. No tone knob to mess with. I threw 3 random pnp germaniums in and don't think I'll be swapping them out. No guts because I used some huge nichicon caps and it's a freaking mess in there Goes from subtle thickener to near fuzz. I love these...
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    47 rams head for the boys

    I saw these knobs at small bear and had to build something with them. Values from the kit rae site except I made both tone stack caps 4.7n to complete the theme. Resistors changed to produce almost flat mids based on the tone stack calculator Amperex A104 and infrared LEDs with B50K tone pot. I...
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    Gnat fuzz

    This is my 2nd Gnat board. I previously built an Elka Dizzy Tone on one which I still love. This pedal is much less thick and much more crunchy. This one is also less noisy. I'm kinda wondering if my diode is in backwards, it's D9K but the band is printed almost right in the middle. Might try...
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    Tiny Giant amp

    PCB from musicpcb. I think the board layout could be better as far as the cap footprints but it's working. I thought I was very smart by using these picture hangers to hold it in place. They work very well, I'd use them again. Huge switch from LMS is cool. I need more time with it but it's for...
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    Elka Dizzy Tone

    I used @music6000 schematic and some pnps from smallbear. Sounds really good lmao. I crank all the knobs I wasn't sure if c102 should be populated or not. It didn't seem to make a difference in sound. I thought since it looks to be in the charge pump circuit that I would need it but not sure...
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    Jameco electronics

    Not sure if anyone orders from here. I placed my first ever order with them on April 13 and it still hasn't been shipped. Their network went down somewhere around 4/20 and they still aren't processing orders. I called them today and they have no timeframe for getting it back up. What the...
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    Big Muff "47" Ram's Head

    Just looking at random variants to build The schematic on kit rae seems weird in that the 2 clipping stages are not symmetric: Doesn't it seem more likely that C6 is 47n and C13 is 470n rather than the values shown? Anyone built one of these?
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    getting more low end from a Superfuzz

    Really digging my Uberfuzz but wishing I could get a little more low end. Is there a simple way to achieve this? I'm planning on another build and socketing the tone control section. I assume bumping the 10u caps higher will not do anything useful?
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    Mellowtone Wolf Computer

    Oh man. This freaking pedal. The range of sounds in here vs the small amount of components is kind of nuts. Layout from dirtboxlayouts. I forgot to snap a picture of the innards, my b I do believe Mellowtone is kinda back on Reverb and still making these in very limited quantities, just FYI
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    Plastic 1/4" jacks

    Can someone school me on the best type of plastic output jack? I need one for the Tiny Giant amp build: All I see are switching jacks like this one...
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    New amp day

    Noisy cricket mk2 from tagboard. I goofed on a couple caps and had to put some in series to get the leads to stretch far enough but it's fine. It sounds...fine. The controls don't really do much outside of volume and gain. But it works and I'm happy. Definitely has a lofi sound that could be cool
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    Foxx Tone Machine

    I really like this one. I believe the transistors are Amperex A104 from SB, D9E and D9K diodes and 15n cap instead of the 3n one, though I may change it to 10n in the future. The octave up is so insanely strong on this it's almost unusable. I had an issue with the outie jack and had to super...
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    Parasit Studio Green Currant

    I needed a tremolo so decided to give this a try. Got the TDA7052A chip from @lcipher3 (thanks!) I need more time with it but seems like a pretty straightforward tremolo with a rate LED and hard/soft wave shape options. Nice
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    TH Customs Power Amp

    Any of y'all built this guy? I got a 1x12" cab on the way and am building a Noisy Cricket but this one might be next. My concern is the lack of a volume knob, but I suppose a preamp pedal could act as my volume control?
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    Fuzzy Fox caps

    I'm planning a Tone Machine build and was comparing the PPCB schematic to the one from madbean. The main difference seems to be that PPCB uses 10uF caps while madbean uses 1uF PPCB: madbean: Does anyone have any insight into what's going on here? Different variants? I imagine using 10uF...