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    Mercurial Boost (Catlinbread Varioboost)

    I wish this dang pedal fit the normal 3 knob layout. I assume the double gang pot is too big?
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    Buddy’s Green Russian

    I just love the army green look. Never gets old.
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    Neurocyton - Greer Soma

    I would say aside from the fact they both use j201s and have bass and treble knobs they sound surprisingly different. At least the ones I've built. The eq controls on the Soma seem a lot more effective than the Benson
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    DEMO Son of Ben

    I can see why people like this pedal but it doesn't inspire me to want to play
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    Mosfet Drive (BK Butler Tube Driver - w/Mosfets)

    Oh my bad for some reason I thought you had said you built one
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    Mosfet Drive (BK Butler Tube Driver - w/Mosfets)

    How do you like it next to the MBP Archibald now?
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    Tayda LM13700N - Do they Work?

    I've used 2 of em in the past and seem to be doing their job
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    Elka Dizzy Tone (gnat)

    I love everything about this aesthetic
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    Your favorite Clean pedal, go:

    Call me crazy but I use the EQD White Light at very low gain as a slight enhancer
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    Hoof triangle

    Well. Better make another one You should try the "47" rams head if you like the thicker tones
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    Hoof triangle

    Their "Plum" is one of my favorite albums of all time.
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    Hoof triangle

    I made this for Cory Hanson of the band Wand (one of the greatest bands alive right now). It's essentially a triangle with the shift knob of the Hoof. I modified the tone stack quite a bit and used a 50K shift pot. Amperex A104 for Q2 and Q3. IR LED diodes. Sounds good
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    Compressors I built in 2021

    Where'd you get the board for the Pale Green? Glad you like the Meridian as much as I do. Lately I've been using the PPCB Creamery though
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    [PedalPCB] Percolation Station

    Sick build. I need to grab one of these in my next order.
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    Muffin Fuzz (Big Muff - Triangle variant)

    I got a question for yall. Is there a way to make the bass end of the tone control useful at all? I know maybe using like a C taper pot might shift the range over but is there anything else that can be done?
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    Mhmm! I'm Mr. Frundles!

    Good God. Well done
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    Headphone Amplifier Mockup Pedal

    Dang these sold out already? I knew I should have ordered it yesterday
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    What's on the workbench?

    Oh hell yes I'm ordering a billion of these
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    What plectrum does everyone use?

    I'll never understand how yall play with picks thinner than 1.0mm lmao I simply can't and won't do it. No disrespect that's just me. It makes sense to me for acoustic guitar strumming but not electric
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    MBP Tourbus (Deluxe Memory Man)

    Great job. I really really want to build one of these to run vocals through like 1995 GBV