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  1. Dreamlands

    Doom 2 ( anuzzer fuzz )

    Hi, bassist here. The synth-like tones from this particular fuzz are appealing. Really sweet Blade Runner synth tone at 13:30 when used in conjunction with a slo-gear like effect, some chorus and delay.
  2. Dreamlands

    Jetson Nano DC-GAN Guitar Effector

    Not a wish, per se, but I've been wondering about how much processing power I could stuff in a pedal: The demo doesn't sound great, but here's the method he's using to transform the input signal...
  3. Dreamlands

    FV-1 Development board mode switch retrofit

    The schematic isn't available, so I'm operating under the assumption that the on-off-on mode switch is just setting one of two lines logic high, thus switching between the first three programs on the EEPROM. Is this correct? If so, I was wondering about using an 8 position rotary switch plus...
  4. Dreamlands

    Circulator components

    No build docs at the moment, and I was wondering if anybody would please provide info on ICs 1 through 5 and the pot types/values? This would probably be enough for me to get a sufficient BOM ordered in the meanwhile. Thank you in advance!
  5. Dreamlands

    Tayda to Canada?

    I'm at a month wait now on my Tayda order (looks like it was sent via DHL standard shipping and is now languishing somewhere in Montreal customs) ... I'm thinking that next time I just have it sent to my P.O. box in Washington state and do a border run. Whatchu guys think? Recommendations...