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    Programming micros on macOS

    I primarily use macOS machines and I’m looking to start programming my own EEPROMS and MCUs (either PIC or ATtiny). Looking for any advice and recommendations folks may have for macOS-compatible hardware/software.
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    Countersink drill bit recommendation

    Looking for a simple, reliable countersink bit for use with pedals. I'd like to get just one that covers as many applications as possible. Show me what you got.
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    Unthreaded Sub Mini Toggles - Mechanical Stability

    Is it typical to have a bit of play (vertical and horizontal) with pcb-pin sub mini toggles? I have some installed on a build and they have a bit more movement than I had expected. It seems like it’s normal (I used a flat pliers to grip some others in my stock to compare behavior), but I wanted...
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    [REQUEST] State Variable Filters

    I’d be interested in learning more about state variable filters and biquad filters if you’d want to expand the tone stack series.
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    PFUKR250 - "A Dove has Spread Her Wings"

    This is my contribution to the Pedals for Ukraine 250/Dist+ Reverb sale. It's built to '79 grey box 250 specs on an Effects Layouts' DRIVESTORTION board storyboardist generously provided. The only deviation from the stock circuit is that the clipping diodes are 2x1 asymmetrical 1n4148. With the...
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    Dual Intelligent Relay Bypass Setup

    Is is possible to control two Intelligent Relays Bypass units with one SPST switch, or will each need a dedicated pole?
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    Lectric-FX DC-Echo (EHX Echo 600)

    Another brilliant project from the folks at Lectric. This is a (rather obscure) EHX analogue delay that builds upon the DMM foundation by adding another MN3005 BBD block. I've always thought of the DMM as the analogue delay—but this may surpass it. It's got everything the DMM offers (solid clock...
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    RG Keen – Panning For Fun Question

    I'm looking to adapt the RG Keen "Panning for Fun" circuit for a project. I had some questions about the first op-amp stage of the 'high-impedance' version. First, is the first op-amp being used as a differential amplifier? If so, this means that the typical inverting op-amp calculations...
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    Intelligent Relay Bypass (early rev without Channel Switching)

    What is the 47k resistor on the earlier rev of the board doing? It seems like that's the only circuit difference (beside the addition of the channel switching functionality in the newer boards). Also, what is the approximate voltage output and current limit for pin 5? I'd like to drive an LED...
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    Common Source N-Channel JFET 'Fat' Control

    Is there a way to variably alter the frequency response of an N-Channel JFET amplification stage with a pot instead of a toggle for the source capacitor? I'd like to keep the gain static and not disrupt the Vgs bias voltage in the process.
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    Lectric-FX Flintlock Flanger (A/DA Flanger)

    This thing is incredible. It's an extremely versatile modulation circuit capable of delivering hollow pipe and jet engine flanger sounds as well as subtler flanger movement. Beyond flanger, lush chorus, vibrato, percussive tremolo, and a pseudo-phaser can be dialed in. Removing the LFO allows...
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    Beatles Bass Tone

    A friend is looking to hit McCartney bass tone (specifically abbey road). I’m thinking compressor (fast attack/slow release) and some dirt. There’s of course no shortage of Beatles in a box guitar pedals, but I’m interested to hear some bass ideas.
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    VFE Dragon Hound SPS – "Faust"

    This is the second of two builds of which @jjjimi84 was kind enough to lend his artistry. The inspiration for these were my and my partner's dogs. My dog Faust is pictured here. (Part 1 here) The Dragon Hound is a parallel overdrive (modified Pale Horse TS-inspired) / distortion (modified Alpha...
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    VFE Dragon SPS – "Olive"

    This is the first of two builds of which @jjjimi84 was kind enough to lend his artistry. The inspiration for these were my and my partner's dogs. Her dog Olive is pictured here. (Part 2 here) His build report thoroughly covers the capabilities of this build. It's a truly fantastic overdrive. As...
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    VU Meter with Peak Detection

    I really enjoy building utility circuits: signal routers, mixers, patch boxes, etc.—anything that can open up different options without changing fundamental elements or introducing anything new. Even though their real utility is debatable and there are many other (better) line monitors...
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    Simple Level Meter

    First project is up on Protoboard Micro. I took inspiration from @fig and attached the board via velcro to swap out projects without tearing down. Here, I'm working on a simple level meter based on a project offered by MAS Effects. The first stage is a buffer that allows for a bit of level...
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    Pot taper modification check

    I need a dual C1K pot and can't find one. I can swap out wafers, but since it's being used as two variable resistors in the circuit, it may be easier to just tack on parallel resistors. I'm thinking that if I have a dual B5K pot and I solder a 1.2k resistor between lugs 2 and 3, I'll get a 1K...
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    Raising the Vf with Ge clipping diodes

    I've always been curious about a ge and si diodes in series. It'd be great to be able to raise the Vf threshold and retain the characteristics of germanium clipping without requiring two or three in series in order to do so. What behavior can be expected here? Does it work differently for soft...
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    Aion Quadratron (Lovetone Doppelganger) LFO Issue

    My quadratron build has a slight issue with the LFOs when dual mode is activated. In single LFO mode, the entire range of knob is useful. In dual LFO mode, the upper third or so locks up the LED at full brightness with no oscillation. Note that at least one other builder has had this issue. The...
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    High leakage Ge (>500μA) uses

    Any advice for high(er) leakage Ge transistors? I’d prefer to not use them as diodes if I can avoid it.