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  1. Dreamlands

    Ways of Organizing Builds in Progress?

    Ok, I think I understand where you are with things. There's a thread in here somewhere where members have posted their setups. I think you'd get lots of ideas from that for how to layout your work area and workbench.
  2. Dreamlands

    Ways of Organizing Builds in Progress?

    I have little yellow plastic trays that I save from H-Mart. They have a number of packaged produce items (eg jalapenos) that are in trays and covered with cellophane. Perfect size for a pedal worth of parts. Not a full solution to your problem by any stretch, but I find it helps keep a...
  3. Dreamlands

    Rhythmic Delay v2

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing this. edit: Just tried it out. Works great!
  4. Dreamlands

    Better BASS Guitar FUZZ?

    I recently acquired a Doom 2. I love the synthy tone and touch-sensitive response ... it's significantly different from my Bass Big Muff Pi, for instance (A reasonably standard reference for bass fuzz, I think?). The Doom 2 is designed with the preservation of bass in mind, and I'd say...
  5. Dreamlands

    An all-model Rat

    Sidenote: A group of rats is called a "mischief".
  6. Dreamlands

    Design Challenge #2

    Came across this:
  7. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    Every participant I've encountered on this board and the Daisy Slack has realistic expectations with regard to first steps. We've all got to learn to walk before we can run. This is a very collaborative, supportive community and there are only solutions and good times ahead, as far as I'm...
  8. Dreamlands

    Parenthesis Whale of a Fuzz

    Looking again, I also really like the knob choices here. The black knobs hide the dominant "V" shape of the layout. Instead, we have a subtly framed diamond pattern of silver points. Very appealing.
  9. Dreamlands

    Caesar Chorus v2 - Shape Toggle Not Working?

    If I recall correctly, there's a thread around here where it's recommended those LEDs be replaced with some capacitors for better shaping.
  10. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    I hear 1KHz loud and present using either my 30 dollar supply or my much nicer CIOKS supply. I'm not aware of anybody decidedly solving this issue for general usage, as all of the 1KHz noise threads I've seen on the Daisy Slack appear to be unresolved.
  11. Dreamlands

    Parenthesis Whale of a Fuzz

    Love the flying whale. Is that a nod to Gojira?
  12. Dreamlands

    Parentheses Fuzz w/ video

    I like the woodcut(?) print you've used for the graphics. Good idea.
  13. Dreamlands

    Bass Pedal - B-Side Fuzz into Obsidius Preamp

    Sounds good, and nice idea with the rubber stamp. I like the aesthetic: in some alternate universe, I might find it at an army surplus store.
  14. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    Nope. Only sounds OK if I use it as a passthrough. Another very specific thought I had to salvage this pedal was to use cycfi's very efficient "bitstream autocorrelation" pitch tracking code to drive the cutoff frequency of a lowpass filter, and tack on an analog lowpass to remove >= 4KHz from...
  15. Dreamlands

    Tycobrahe Octavia

    My understanding is that the Fulltone OctaFuzz is a direct clone of the Tychobrahe Octavia, and the Tychobrahe is of Mayer Octavia lineage. And the name of this PedalPCB pcb is suggests that it may scratch that itch: Just guessing, would be...
  16. Dreamlands

    Sinvertek DRIVE N5+

    I had to look it up:
  17. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    I'm thinking of converting this thing into an audio feature extractor and CV generator if the noise issue can't be resolved.
  18. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    I'm not currently using the debugger. It's always present and loud with the filterbank I'm messing with. Going to strip it down and make it much more simple next.
  19. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    I assume it doesn't happen with the passthrough because in this case little work is being done by the STM32, therefore current draw remains relatively constant during the callback. As a result there's relatively insignificant lift in the GND signal, thus no audibly apparent induced 1KHz noise...
  20. Dreamlands

    1kHz noise with Terrarium board

    Yeah, I didn't notice it with a simple passthrough, but I did when I set up a filter bank of state variable filters. At first, I was hoping that I had accidentally set a few of them to self-oscillate, but that wasn't the case. I hope to have some time to mess around with this soon.